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Set the mood: It’s more than just music and candles

Even if you have music and candles, setting the mood is about more than ambiance — it’s about finding the right guy to spend your time with. Once you find him, just about anything can be fun, but you still might need work in the mood department when date night rolls around. Here’s how to set the mood without the cliches.

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Do prep work together

If you’re in a steady relationship, your significant other realizes there’s a lot that goes into a great date night besides a home-cooked meal and wine. The apartment needs to be clean, the dishes need to be done and the food isn’t going to cook itself! These mundane tasks can actually be fun if you do them together. Have him clean the dishes as you cook. As the wine starts flowing, dishes become less of a priority, so getting them out of the way is essential. Plus, cleaning can be a bit of a turn on. Forty-nine percent of women say they’re more likely to be intimate once chores are out of the way. Get the dishes over with and get it, girl.

Make things easy on yourself

He doesn’t want to see you stressed more than you want to be stressed. If eliminating the things that make the night complicated allows him more time with you, then go for the easy route. Who needs to make dinner when Chinese delivery is just a call away? Don’t have time to clean before he arrives? Hire a maid for the day to take care of the cleaning for you while you’re at work. It might be cutting corners, but all of the corners add up when you finally get to relax with him at home sooner.

Look how you want the date to feel

The way you look is the visual cue for how the night will go. If you show up in jeans and a T-shirt, he’ll realize you’re keeping it casual. If you show up in a knockout dress, he knows he better be on his A game. When you feel comfortable and look your best, the date will feel comfortable as well. Relax, be who you want to be and let the conversation flow naturally.

Little gifts

Hey, we’re not saying you should go out and buy him a watch. If this is your fifth or sixth date, show up with a little something that reminded you of him. Did he mention he loves gummy bears? Pick some up at the store when you’re grocery shopping. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just let him know you were thinking about him when he wasn’t around. It’s bound to bring you instantly closer.

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