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10 Things to do to clear the way for love

When it comes to meeting someone new, or even igniting an old flame, it’s best to go into the situation with a healthy mind, body and soul. As the old cliche goes, you need to love yourself before you love someone else. Clearing out some of those self-conscious stresses can help you open your mind to new romantic possibilities.

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Leave your problems at the door

Sure, we all need to vent about work and life every so often, but once you get those initial annoyances off your chest, leave your problems at the door. Your significant other has a life with problems they need to take care of, too. The best thing you can do is be there for each other and forget about the world, even for just a few hours.


Think about him. Yeah, that way.

Let your mind wander during those mundane tasks throughout the day. Thirty-three percent of women surveyed in a Liquid-Plumr survey said daydreaming about intimacy with a significant other made household chores more enjoyable. The next time you see him you’ll be ready for love.


Prioritize your schedule

Meetings, errands and day-to-day nonsense can get in the way of an otherwise productive day. During a productive day, plans should run smoothly and efficiently so you can devote your spare time at the end of the day to your significant other. At the beginning of a busy day, make a to-do list. Get the big stuff out of the way first, making the easy errands even easier as your energy level drops by the afternoon. You’ll be back in his arms sooner than you think.


Introduce him to the family

Your family wants to know who you’re dating, and he wants to know where you come from. Your family and relationship say a lot about you, and having the people involved know each other takes a lot of burden off a relationship.



Healthy body, healthy mind. Get those endorphins flowing and you’ll feel great about your body and everything it can do. If you can run that mile, you can do anything, especially nab that cute new guy at the gym.

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Pay the bills

Not just your electric bill, either. Making sure your financial situation is in order is crucial to living in a low-stress relationship. Pay all bills on time, but also make sure to pick up the dinner bill when you see fit. Your guy has his own finances to worry about, too.


Set aside love time

If your schedule is packed, pick a time when you have a few moments to spare and use it to get close to him. Turn off the TV, phone and laptop. Just be in each other’s presence without distraction.


Feel your best

We already mentioned exercise, but feeling like you look your best is crucial. Do the things that make you feel good about you, and he’ll feel great about you, too.


Drinks with the girls

There are some things you just can’t talk to your significant other about, and we all need friends outside a relationship. Make sure to make time with your ladies to share secrets, problems, worries and fun. They’re the secret to a well-rounded life, making your love life all the better.

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Clean your home

“Really? I need to clean my toilet to have a clear mind?” Seriously, cleaning out the grime and clutter in your home is a great way to unwind, and it gives you an opportunity to think through all of the things that are ailing you. Odds are, at the end of that one-hour cleaning session you’ll have the answer to your worries simply because you took your mind off work for a moment to focus on something a lot less glamorous.

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