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Clean up your home to turn up the romance

House cleaning may be the last thing you think about when trying to spice up your sex life. But having a clean home has proven to have a great impact on your desire to be intimate. A recent survey found that women are much more likely to get it on in a clean and organized space.

Young husband helping wife clean kitchen

What a girl wants

Did you know? Thirty-three percent of women say daydreaming about intimacy with a significant other makes doing household chores more enjoyable.

A recent survey by Liquid-Plumr asked 1,000 women about the connection between household chores and their love life. Interestingly, the survey showed that a third of respondents admitted to fantasizing about their significant other while doing housework. If that isn’t enough to get out the mop and broom, think about this: Finishing up your chores has been show to help you relax and enjoy intimacy. In a recent article, Dr. Ian Kerner, sex therapist and founder of, states: “Research has shown that, unlike men, in order for women to relax into arousal and experience orgasm, the parts of their brain that associate with outside stressors must deactivate during sex.” In fact, 49 percent of women who took the Liquid-Plumr survey said they were more likely to be intimate after chores had been completed. Further, a whopping 38 percent also ranked having their house in order as important as buying a new outfit or being in a familiar place when it comes to relaxing on a date.Isolated cleaning products in bucket

What about men?

So if a clean house is your ticket to a romp in the bedroom, should men be running for the vacuum? Not necessarily. A study recently published in the American Sociological Review found that a heterosexual couple in which the man participated more in core tasks (cooking, cleaning, laundry) had less sex than a couple in which the man took on the more traditionally masculine chores (yard work, changing the oil). So guys, if you see her going for the mop, make it foreplay and get outside and mow the lawn. The completed chores will help her be stress-free, and your manly contributions will heighten her desire to be intimate with you.

Bottom line

Ladies, if you want to maximize your pleasure in the bedroom, get your chores done first. Guys, while she is elbow deep in sudsy water, give her something to fantasize about and go outside and chop some wood. At the end of the day, you will have a clean and cared for home and a sexually satisfied partner.

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