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5 Creative ways to announce your engagement to the family

Congratulations! As of right now, your wedding is a well-kept secret between you, your fiancé and us. We want to help you shout your engagement from the rooftops. Don’t blow the big secret before you consider these ultra-original ways to announce your engagement to the entire family.


Surprise party!

Surprise banner

It’s like when your family threw you a surprise birthday party when you stepped out to go to the drugstore, except at this party you won’t be surprised in your pajamas. Nay, you’re the one doing the surprising. Grab your future beau and hang up an exciting banner like this one from Etsy seller Paramore Art Works, and then invite friends and family over for a little get together. Bam! They see the sign, and suddenly you have an impromptu engagement party.


Add a little sass

Sassy wedding announcement

If you’re happy and you know it, say Hell Yeah! These adorable engagement announcements from Etsy seller Buttonlandia have a whole lot of personality. They might not be for family members who are easily offended, but hey, if you’re excited for your engagement, they should be, too.


Wordy wedding

Crossword wedding announcement

Who doesn’t love a puzzle? Announce your engagement with a series of word games to send to the family, like this custom-made puzzle by Etsy seller My Memorable Designs. Or create your own crossword, word search or puzzle to spread the announcement joy.



Oh, you two. You and your fiancé are always joking around, so why not make an announcement video of your own to share with friends and family via email, social networking and more? Use your unique personalities to write a skit, or simply just jump up and down screaming, “We’re getting married!” The possibilities are endless. Film, edit, add to YouTube and share with the world!


Social networking

Get your fiancé to embark on a little social media mystery. Grab the box your ring came in and snap a photo of it in your fiancé’s hand. Then, take a photo of your own left hand outstretched, as if to grab a box. Make both photos your respective Facebook cover photos. Watch as a flurry of commenters desperately try to find out the deets.

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Photo credit: Paramore Art Works, Buttonlandia, My Memorable Designs

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