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10 Reasons why his parents will love the real you

Don’t be afraid to meet his parents. Your fiancé’s parents can’t wait for you to become his bride for so many reasons.

Happy engaged couple

Rock your real self with confidence

Don’t be afraid to meet his parents. Your fiancé’s parents can’t wait for you to become his bride for so many reasons.

You’re smart

And you’re not afraid to show it. Perhaps his past girlfriends may have been a bit ditzy or pretended to be to try to win their son’s heart. Not you. You know the real way to impress your man is by showing off your smarts and your other assets!


You know all his faults… and love him anyway

By now you know that your husband-to-be was a late bloomer, has a stubborn side and will hardly ever admit to being wrong. But you look past all that and accept him as is.


You love his friends

Instead of hogging your man all to yourself, you encourage him to keep up with his poker night ritual with his buddies. And when he invites you to join in on guys’ night activities, you can hang with the best of them.


You make him a better man

Simply by being together, you have each become the best versions of yourselves. When you struggle, you help each other out. When you succeed, you’re there to celebrate one another’s victories.


You put the spotlight on their son

You love to gush about your guy (not to an embarrassing point, of course), and it comes from the heart. The fact that you love to brag about your man (aka their son) will instantly make them love you.


You encourage him to go for it

Whether it’s something small like wearing a new style or something big like applying for a new position within the company he works for, you nudge him out of his comfort zone… just the right amount.


You’re kind… to everyone

You are as nice to his parents as you are to the server refilling your water glass at a restaurant. Parents always notice genuine kindness.


You can laugh at yourself

Sure, you’ve burned a few attempts at dinner and you spilled wine on your dress the first time you went out with their son. But instead of getting flustered or bent out of shape, you laughed it off with a witty comment and moved on. This shows them that you can handle it when things don’t go perfectly all the time — a good lesson when it comes to marriage.


You have a lot in common with their son

You and your future husband both have a secret obsession with reality shows, love to stroll farmers markets and do a ton of reading. Having things in common (other than that passion for one another) means you’ll always be friends. And being friends as well as partners in life is a key to a long, happy marriage.


You love their son

Through thick and thin, you stick by your man. You love him like no other woman could. And that, my dear, is the most important reason his parents will love you.


Nervous about meeting his parents? Take a deep breath! Practice calming breathing techniques to help ease your anxiety.

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