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How to be the perfect maid of honor

Appointed maid of honor for a wedding and scared out of your mind? Don’t worry; we’ve been to enough weddings to master the key to being the perfect M.O.H.

Bride with maid of honor

A happy bride makes for a pleasant wedding day — and behind every pleasant wedding day is an overworked, stressed-out maid of honor. We’ve put together a survival list to help maids of honor everywhere keep their relationship with their best friends after the big day.

Step 1: Realize the responsibility

Take a quick five seconds to pat yourself on the back for being such a good friend that you were given this privilege over anyone else. Being chosen as the maid of honor for a family member or a close friend’s wedding is a big deal. So realize that it is indeed a responsibility and that it could be one of the most difficult tasks you’ve ever embarked on.

Step 2: Cater to the bride

Now that you are the bride’s maid of honor, you will be required to be available to her more than ever before. You are going to have to center the months leading up to the wedding around appointments that may have no emotional importance to you, but mean a lot to her.

Step 3: Stay steps ahead

You’re going to have to be her brain for the day. She’s going to forget to grab extra bobby pins because she didn’t think her hair would fall, and she might forget to use the bathroom before climbing into the over-the-top wedding gown she chose. The best thing you can do to avoid all chaos is to suggest extra everything! Always stay steps ahead by carrying enough things for the both of you. If you’re bringing lotion to the hotel, bring her some, too.

Step 4: Don’t take anything too personally

Chances are you two have been friends for a while and have a long history together; however, chances are also that things won’t go perfectly and there could be tears. Just make sure to remember that she isn’t being mean or snotty on purpose. She is on an emotional roller coaster — you have to be the one to tell her that everything will be OK. Don’t take anything personally and keep in mind how important this day is to her.

Step 5: Have fun

On the day of the wedding, the best thing you can do for your bestie is to have fun! Even if everything is going left instead of right, look like you’re having fun. Get her to laugh, smile and take her mind off of the fact that there are not enough petals for the flower girls. If she catches you freaking out, she’ll start to lose it completely, so be strong.

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