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Mortifying Mommy-Daddy sex stories

As a parent, having my kids catch me in the act would by-far top my list of embarrassing moments. Luckily, it’s never personally happened to me — but it has happened to these women!

Shocked little girl

Parents — let’s face it — it’s hard finding the time and energy to get it on and keep the sex as hot as it was before we had kids. At the end of the day, we’re exhausted! Even worse is having sex while thinking in the back of your mind how your kids could walk in at any moment. Talk about a mood killer! Here, real women share their experiences of being walked-in on in the heat of the moment, plus we’ll provide some tips on preventing this from happening.

Leslie, mom of four, shares…

“This is a moment that I will never forget! We have four children: two girls and two boys. The youngest son is the most dramatic and emotional, so of course he had to be the one to see this. The lights were off but the hallway light let enough light in to give my son an eyeful. We were under blankets so he didn’t truly see what was going on, but he certainly knew based on his hasty retreat. We were mortified and went into CIA mode!

There was a ladder still outside our bedroom window from when my husband was working on the roof. He tried to convince me to climb out the window, down the ladder, and come back into the house through the front door. My husband helped me onto the window ledge and lovingly encouraged me to ‘just jump already.’ There I sat in the window with my legs dangling — slightly terrified to jump. Then, my husband gave me that little push (literally) that I needed. I landed in a thorny shrub and twisted my ankle.

I gathered myself and limped in the front door like I had been outside the entire time. Little did I know, my hair was filled with briars from the bush I landed in and my pants were covered in mulch. By that time, my husband was under the covers pretending to be asleep. Of course, my kids didn’t believe it for a minute, but we have stuck with the story!”

Erin, mom of two, shares…

“My husband and I had (wrongly) assumed the kids were sleeping. We usually watch a movie in our room before falling asleep, but this particular night decided to do the deed during the movie. Just as things were getting heated, we heard a ‘Mommy, what are you guys doing?’ coming from the doorway. It was our 4-year-old and yes, I wanted to immediately disappear and pretend like this never happened. My husband told her we were wrestling and to go back to bed and we’d be in in a minute to check on her. She left and we both quickly dressed and went to tuck her in (again). For weeks after she kept asking why we were wrestling with each other. I feel awful and have definitely learned my lesson with this!”

Brandy, mom of four, shares…

“My husband and I have four children – ages 4, 5, 8 and 9. One evening when the kids were watching a movie, we decided to go upstairs and be intimate. Since they were occupied with their favorite movie (or so I thought), it never occurred to me that they would be able to hear us. All of a sudden, we heard our 5-year-old from outside our door sobbing and terrified, saying ‘Mommy, I’m sorry you feel so bad. I hope you feel better.’ The sobs got louder and we quickly put on our clothes and went to console him. He was distraught and thought I was extremely sick. He could hear my groaning and thought I was in so much pain that it literally hurt him to tears. We ended up telling him that we were playing a ‘tickling game’ and I made the same sounds again with a snort at the end. Luckily, he bought it! And I now know for next time to be a bit quieter!”

Shannon, mom of three, shares…

“My kids are 8, 5 and 7 months. Our now 8-year-old walked in on us when she was 4. Luckily, she was young enough to believe our ‘wrestling’ story and didn’t put too much thought into it. Since then, we’ve been very adamant about teaching the kids not to open doors when they’re shut without knocking first. We always lock the door, too, just in case – but the kids do always knock since it’s a very enforced rule. We also explained to them around age 5 that mommy and daddy need alone time once in a while to watch movies and talk without the kids. Once a week, we set the older kids up with a new game or movie and tell them to leave mommy and daddy alone for the next hour. We’ve been doing this for a few years now, and it really works great. The kids are respectful since it’s all they know, and it allows my husband and I to reconnect at least once a week! Win win!”

Tips to avoid your kids walking in on you

Luckily, this mortifying moment can be avoided with a few simple tips:

  • Get a lock for your door — and use it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the kids that you and your husband need some alone time and to go in your room and lock the door. As long as the kids are safe, there’s no reason to feel guilty for tending to your marriage.
  • Set boundaries. From a young age, teach your children that if a door is shut, they must knock first. This teaches them manners in general, and also prevents them from walking in on you and your spouse during sex.
  • Think of times when you know you’ll be able to get some alone time and schedule sex! It’s totally fine to schedule sex, and in fact, can be necessary. If you know your kids watch cartoons every Saturday morning or have activities every Wednesday night, schedule a “sex date” with your hubby.
  • Remember that sex between a husband and wife is OK. If your kids do walk in on you, don’t panic. Though they don’t need to see it, sex within marriage is perfectly acceptable and this should be something your kids understand once they’re of an appropriate age.

Tell us

Have your kids ever walked in on you and your spouse during sex? What did you do? Share in the comments below!

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