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Women who have resisted the urge to cheat and how

At some point in their lives, women are going to be faced with the opportunity to cheat on their spouse. We asked real women to share how they were able to overcome this powerful urge and stay faithful to the one they married.

Happily married couple

Studies show that about 50 percent of married women will, at some point in time, cheat on their husbands. Women cheat for various reasons — most common being that they are bored with their routine of life. Week after week women grocery shop, take care of children, cook, clean and work. If someone sexy comes along and pays them a little extra attention, it doesn’t always take much swaying. We asked real women who have had the chance to cheat to share how they resisted the urge and stayed faithful. Here’s what they had to say:

Mary, married 10 years, shares…

“I have had opportunities to cheat on my husband of 10 years, repeatedly, with both men and women. Though coming very close on a couple of occasions, I resisted, citing the guilt for what I was about to do. I still cared for my husband, but was not in love with him anymore. I knew there was something lacking in my marriage; we fought a lot, did nothing together and were basically roommates. After years of this, I finally had the guts to confront him about it again (I had tried in the past, but it was met with a cold response and counseling was out of the question, according to him). He listened this time (mostly because my bags were packed), and we have been going to counseling once a week for the past few months. I am glad I never made the mistake of an affair, because I know that there would be a slim chance of our marriage coming back from that. Our marriage is still not perfect, and I am still debating if I am in love with him or not, but at least we are giving it one last try.”

Sheridan, single and refusing to date a married man, shares…

“I’m a single parent raising two kids on my own in a foreign country. That being said, I often travel to Paris, France for work related reasons. I don’t know if it is the croissants or the cheese in France, but French men in particular love to cheat — especially on their wives! Really — it is pathetic at times, but it is true. I have on many, many occasions said no to cheating… as a woman I have self-respect for myself.”

Kathy, married 32 years, shares…

“I work full-time out of the home and have had many chances to cheat on my husband. In the workplace, it’s easy to form relationships with men since quite frankly I see my male coworkers more often than my husband. Though the urge has been there, I’ve always been able to resist it because I know I would feel guilty for life. My husband and I are not perfect, but problems will never be solved by one of us cheating. I lesson the urge by not going to lunch or spending one-on-one time with male coworkers.”

Relationship expert Susan Shapiro Barash shares her tips

Internationally-renowned relationship expert and bestselling author Susan Shapiro Barash speaks on marriage, infidelity and dishonesty. Here are her tips for avoiding infidelity:

  • Ask yourself what is missing in this relationship and then communicate with your partner about this.
  • Once you realize what is missing, make an earnest attempt to put this back into the equation.
  • Make sure that in your busy schedule you put aside time for the couple, including date night.
  • Work on yourself — are you really stretching in terms of your own needs, is your life in order and do you have an inner peace?
  • Do not allow upsets in other areas of your life to color the way you treat your partner.
  • Be conscious of how affairs begin and how much temptation exists out there.

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Have you ever been tempted to cheat? How and why did you resist the urge? Share in the comments below!

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