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Debunking relationship myths

Let’s take a few moments to take a real, hard look at relationships. It’s so easy to have a “grass is always greener” mindset when it comes to your love life, but really that’s just doing more harm than good.

Angry woman in bed with spouse

We believe so many myths about other couples that it’s hurting our relationship with our loved one. Hopefully, uncovering these myths will give you a new perspective towards your own romantic relationship.

“They seem more in love”

Tip: Next time you’re in public, grab your spouse’s hand and give him a big kiss! A little affection goes a long way in a relationship.

It’s hard not to notice the couple holding hands in the grocery store or smoochin’ in the corner of the restaurant. In public, you’re going to come across seemingly happier couples than yourself on a daily basis. This means nothing to your relationship, though! Instead of getting jealous and wishing you had what they do, remember that all relationships are different. The couple so lovingly holding hands may have only met a few months back, and the couple kissing in the restaurant booth may not have seen each other for a few weeks. We’re all on different paths — remember that!

“We have nothing in common, so there’s no way we’ll last”

Did you know? Couples who do everything together are more likely to be codependent. That’s never a good thing in a relationship — so appreciate your differences!

Do you and your partner watch different TV shows, have different tastes in music and prefer to spend your free time doing different things? If so, that’s OK! In fact, it can make your relationship better than those who enjoy all the same things. As long as you’re both willing to take an active interest in the other’s hobbies, it will work out beautifully. Think about it — you can introduce each other to new movies and different bands and challenge each other with different activities. The more different you are, the more you can teach each other about the world.

“We never solve our problems”

Part of being in a great relationship is having great problem-solving skills, right? Well, maybe not. Truth is, most problems in a relationship can’t be solved because it would require one of you to change who you are (which we all know is impossible). Instead, make it a goal to reach a compromise that you’re both OK with and don’t dwell on your conflicts.

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“Never go to bed angry”

If you’re a couple that never goes to bed angry, please speak up! We never understood this logic, hence why it’s a myth. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your relationship is to sleep on it. Take some space from each other and talk about it after you’ve both cooled down. Things can get pretty heated in the moment, so there’s nothing wrong with taking a timeout. Even if you go to bed angry multiple nights in a row, that’s OK. Eventually, you’ll both have calmed down to the point where you’ll be able to maturely discuss the issue.

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