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DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece

A little vintage shopping can set the stage for a DIY wedding centerpiece that makes a big statement. Mine all started with an old cheese box. Yes, a cheese box.

DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece

When it comes to DIY wedding centerpieces, a flea market can be your best friend. There, you’re sure to find rustic, inexpensive treasures that will make your wedding tables look like they came right from a Pinterest post.

If your local flea market doesn’t have the supplies you need, Etsy and eBay both have a great selection of vintage finds, such as the old cheese boxes needed for this project. Craft stores can also be a great place to find bargain gems for your centerpieces. The bottles used in this project are available at Michaels for only $1 each.

With some dedicated searching and creativity up your sleeve, you can create unique centerpieces that will be the talk of the reception. And when the party is over, guests can each take home a vase full of flowers.

DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece


  • Vintage cheese box
  • Roll of burlap
  • Various-sized bottles and Mason jars
  • Flowers (fresh or dried)
  • Water for flowers (if using fresh)
  • Metal number



Run a piece of cut burlap over the tablecloth to create a table runner. Place the cheese box over it.

DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece


Line the back of the cheese box with burlap, cutting the fabric just wide enough to peek over the edge of the box. Don’t worry about frayed edges — it enhances the rustic look.

DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece


If using fresh flowers instead of dried, fill the bottles and Mason jars with water. Fresh flowers will be brighter than dried, but they risk wilting if not delivered soon before the wedding. If you want to fill the empty space in the box, choose flowers that are full and bushy. However, if you want to showcase the bottle shapes, choose skinnier flowers and use fewer of them.

DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece


Arrange bottles and Mason jars in varying shapes and sizes inside the cheese box. The key is to arrange them in an interesting pattern, rather than placing similarly shaped bottles next to each other.

Cut flower stems just a couple inches taller than the tops of the bottles and jars. Place flowers in the bottles and jars, spacing out the colors. Experiment with various arrangements until you are happy with the look. If you have trouble arranging the flowers by color, search the internet for tips about which hues look best together.

DIY Wedding centerpiece


Create a gorgeous handmade paper
rose bouquet for
your wedding.
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a tutorial!


Lean the metal number against the cheese box. (Note: Metal mailing address numbers are great to repurpose as wedding table markers.)

DIY vintage box wedding centerpiece

And voilà — you’re finished!

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