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DIY paper rose bridal bouquet

Create this gorgeous handmade paper rose bouquet for your elegant occasion.

DIY paper rose bridal bouquet

It seems one of the trends in weddings is to create an event that is unique and memorable. One way is to add some gorgeous sculptural paper roses into the mix. Here is how you can do it.


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Gather your materials.

DIY paper rose bridal bouquet


Trim rose petals and leaves.

Trim the rose petals and leaves


Using the edge of the scissors, curl the corners of your rose petals.
Fold the leaf in half to create a crease and curl two sides of the leaf with the edge of your scissors.

Curled rose petals, and folded leaves


For petals four through six, glue a tab and then attach to the petal edge to form into cones.

Assembling the rose petals


Fold one inch of the floral wire and glue to edge of petal one.

Assembled rose petals, and assembling the floral wires


Roll the petal around wire center, and then curl back one edge.

Attaching the rose petals to the floral wires


Glue bottom tip of petal two to petal one and wrap around, adjusting the curled edges.

Continue assembling the paper rose


Repeat with petal three, rotating the petal to form the look of the rose center.

Continue assembling the paper rose


Skewer petals four through six onto wire stem and glue each one to the center base.
Be sure to rotate the petals to form a natural look.

Rose petals lined up on the wire floral stem


Glue stem of leaf to floral wire.

Create a natural looking rose, and glue a leaf to a floral wire


Use floral tape to wrap the stems of the leaf and rose.
Remember to stretch the tape to activate the sticky gum that will allow it to stick to itself.

Add floral tape to the wire stems


Repeat to create 18 roses and 24 leaves.

Create 18 more paper roses


Using one hand to hold the base of the wedding bouquet, form a round dome with
flowers, adding leaves between each flower.

Start assembling the paper roses and leaves into a bridal bouquet


Adjust and move flowers and leaves by bending the wire to create your perfect dome shape.

Continue assembling the paper rose brial bouquet


While still holding the bouquet, wrap the floral tape above your hand at the base of the bouquet.
Once secure, wrap tape to cover half of the stem length.

Floral tape wrapped around the base of the bridal bouquet


Fold each wire back up toward the rose bouquet, one wire at a time, to create a thicker handle and finished end.

Folded floral wires


Cover all but the very end of the stems with floral tape.

Floral wrapped wires of the paper rose bridal bouquet


With ribbon, begin to wrap around the stems starting at the top.
You will want to leave 10 inches of the ribbon at the top for your bow.
Wrap down, overlapping ribbon, to the end of the stem and then back up to the base again.

Wrap ribbon around the base of the bridal bouquet


Using 10 inches of both ends of the ribbon, tie a bow at the base of the bridal bouquet.

Finished DIY paper rose wedding bouquet

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