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Bride on a budget: How to save money on your wedding

According to the 2012 Wedding Report, the average cost for a wedding in the U.S. is $25,600. Depending on what part of the country you live in, your wedding expenses could easily be double that amount — or even more. Yikes!

Bride and groom

What’s a couple to do when they don’t want to compromise on their wedding, yet don’t want to start their new lives together saddled in debt? Well, plenty!

Thanks again to the internet, there are so many amazing ways to keep your wedding costs down without losing its high-end gloss. To help you save on costs but not on style, here are a few amazing businesses every bride should know about.

Discounted duds

Dreaming of a designer gown but want to allocate a high amount of funds elsewhere? Be sure to check out While the name may be a bit misleading, the site is home to a wide variety of “couture-esque” wedding dresses. Most gowns cost under $500 but look like a million bucks! They also carry bridesmaids, flower girl and reception dresses.

Alternatively, should you decide to spring for the real thing and discover that you have spent more than you budgeted on your wedding gown (it happens to the best of us), your accessory budget will most likely now be zero. Don’t fret! Just simply rent your accessories from This online treasure chest will save you about 80 percent on gorgeous wedding jewelry, tiaras, clutches and veils.

Frugal flowers

It’s no secret — flowers are another huge wedding expense. While creating your own floral masterpieces may seem like an economical option, let’s stop and really think about this for a moment. During one of the busiest times in your life, does this DIY solution really seem practical? If your schedule allows it,  great! If not, there are a number of websites like and that offer a hybrid solution. These companies prepare all of your flower needs based on your color combinations and choice of bridesmaid dresses. Premade arrangements are then shipped to you directly, covering everything from the boutonnieres, to the bouquets, to the center pieces. All have reasonably priced packages that can be adjusted to the size of your bridal party and event.

Ask for help

Lastly, do not hesitate to ask your family and friends for help. Tens of thousands of brides add cash-gift funds to their wedding registries on Doing so helps to cover some wedding expenses, honeymoon costs and the purchasing of other items necessary for your big day. You can keep your wedding fund together with your other gifts, and your family and friends can contribute by using a credit card. Many couples are marrying later in life and do not really need a lot of new appliances. However, they do not want to compromise on the wedding itself. In any scenario, your guests will be happy knowing that they are directly contributing to the most important day of your life and helping to make it even better!

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