Bethenny Frankel works out in heels, talks fitness

We got to work out with Bethenny at a funky NYC fitness class and score her workout, diet and parenting tips. Listen in!

Bethenny Frankel's stiletto workout

Bethenny Frankel knows the key to keeping fitness fun is variety, so she hosted a Skinnygirl Daily Stiletto workout class this week in New York City.

The Real Housewife and 42-year-old mom squatted, high-kicked and lunged her way through a 30-minute class with us, with the help of instructor Nicole Damaris, who created NDG Fit’s Stiletto Workout.

Although it was Bethenny’s first time trying the stiletto workout, which is supposed to improve balance and target calf muscles, she said she liked trading typical tennis shoes for high heels.

Bethenny Frankel's stiletto workout

“It felt sexy. I felt a little slutty… in a good way!” the newly single mom joked afterward. “It was good that it only 30 minutes because I feel like we enjoyed it; it was fun. Had we done it for an hour, I would have hated it. So I think that you should do what you can, in the amount [of time] that you can.”

Bethenny is a big yoga fan, but says she usually only works out two to three times a week. “I don’t belong to a gym because I want to be with my daughter; I want to be home, so I’ll do a DVD at home,” she says. “Anything is better than doing nothing.”

She also doesn’t believe in diets. “I think they’re all stupid. I think every diet is stupid,” Bethenny explains, adding that she tried them all in her younger years, including the cabbage soup diet and the Atkins diet.

Nowadays, she believes in eating in moderation and has released an entire line of Skinnygirl Daily products, such as bars and powdered drink mixes for everyday women on the go. “A lot of bars are like candy bars. They’re ingredients you can’t pronounce and it’s really misleading. I just wanted one that tasted good, with clean ingredients,” Bethenny explains, adding that she gives her Skinnygirl bars to her daughter, Brynn, as well.

Teaching her 2-year-old daughter healthy eating habits is important, Bethenny says, but she’s not super-strict with her. “She eats ice cream; she eats fries,” she says. “I think it should be a balance. I think she sees examples of normal portions instead of the American way of gigantic. We share a lot and she doesn’t eat off the kids’ menu. All I ever see is chicken fingers, pizza, pasta [on kids’ menus]. I’ll pick something I think is healthy that she’ll like and we’ll share.”

If you want to try Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Daily line, use code SGDPUMPS to get 25 percent off of your order!

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