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Weight, what? Your wedding dress doesn’t fit?

You can have as many fittings as you want, technically speaking, but at some point, the weight fluctuation has to stop and your boobs, butt and thighs have to fit… Right?

Bride having dress fitting

Bridal Reflections is New York’s premier bridal salon catering to worldwide clientele seeking the finest American and international designers. Over the years, the fashion experts and consultants there have encountered the issues of brides “planning” to lose the weight before their big day, when, in fact, nine out of 10 brides claim they’re on a weight loss plan yet only two of 10 actually make their goal.

The stresses and demands of wedding planning don’t allow one too much time to focus on losing weight, says the bridal salon’s RoseLynn Micari-Fiumara. “Many contributing factors such as stress, pregnancy, medical issues and even working out can contribute to brides encountering weight gain,” says Micari-Fiumara. “Yes, working out can actually increase your back and bust measurements, believe it or not!”

Set realistic goals

Micari-Fiumara and other experts at Bridal Reflections suggest that if you are really going to lose weight, you have to be realistic. “We recommend being detailed in your diet and/or workout plan with your bridal fashion consultant,” she says. “We never recommend ordering more than one size smaller — even though you plan to lose the weight. Brial gowns run much smaller than regular ready-to-wear clothing. If you are a size 8, you may need to order a 12 in a bridal gown — and that’s totally normal!”

Then there are the ladies who actually can and do lose the weight — maybe even an enormous amount — and that can have an effect on dress measurements and dress shopping. Sara Barnard is one example. After losing over 100 pounds, she had to have her dress taken in.

For years, I strugged with my weight and always felt too tired to do anything about it. But, once I got engaged and began planning for my dream wedding, I was determined to shed those pounds. With the support of my family and friends, and a little bit of Celsius, I lost a total of 110 pounds and was able to wear my dream dress when walking down the aisle! I went from a size 26 to 14, and was able to have both the wedding, and weight, that I’ve been wanting for years!

SheKnows believes that no matter what, you should always feel comfortable, happy and like the most beautiful bride in the world on your wedding day. Be sure to choose a dress that you know will definitely give you that feeling come your big day. Safe dieting and consistent exercising is the absolute key to weight loss.

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