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Renew Y-O-U: A week to a better you


We are one day closer to spring, and here is one week of great ideas to jumpstart a new you. You can start today!

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for spring

We are one day closer to spring, and here is one week of great ideas to jumpstart a new you. You can start today!

Commit to relax and rejuvenate

Find seven days of exercises or activities that can be done each day for one week. Short on ideas? Try these: Find seven quotes, meditations or chapters to read each day for one week. Set up an arrangement with your partner to exchange 5-minute massages. Commit to taking five deep inhalations and exhalations every morning before starting your day and every evening at the end of the day. Seven days of short walks or physical exercise. Seven days of washing your face before getting in to bed. You can do this — and it will make a difference in your mind and body.

red phoneCall friends and family

Your community of friends and family are often the most neglected when you are busy and swamped with daily details. Commit yourself to seven days of phone calls, face- to-face interaction or seven days of handwritten letters to your loved ones. Set Facebook, Twitter and text-messaging aside for seven days and commit yourself to a deeper level of communication with friends and loved ones.

bananaEat better

Seven days of no processed foods, no restaurants, no fast food. Seven days of prepped meals, healthy snacks and time to actually eat and enjoy your food. If you’re looking for great ideas, check out 100 Days of Real Food, a great website and blog about a family of four that has committed to no processed foods. If they can do it, so can you.


Have you been holding a grudge? Let it go. For seven days reflect on a grudge, a person or situation that has been a bother to you. Work on letting it go. Write, journal, reflect and talk. Commit yourself to not spending any more time or energy on a negative situation or person in your life.

Pay attention

Always on the go? Never have time to stop and smell the roses? Can you spend seven days consciously aware of your surroundings? Pause, breathe and appreciate. This can be as simple as stepping outside of your car before you get into your office and listening. Open yourself up to the possibilities.

plane ticketTake a vacation

When is the last time you took off seven days of work in a row? Can you find time over your next year to take seven days off of work? Research has shown that your mood is often the best in anticipation of a vacation. Think about taking some time off.

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