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Celebody: 5 moves for Anne Hathaway’s Oscar-winning arms


We’re hitting the gym with celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue to learn five moves for getting toned arms like her A-list clients.

imone de la Rue

Simone de la Rue and her partner Dee are responsible for some of the most enviable arms in Hollywood. From New York to Los Angeles, the ladies work with A-list actresses like Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts and Sandra Bullock to get them ready for big nights like the Academy Awards.

Anne Hathaway

And clearly it pays off, as witnessed when Hathaway displayed her beautifully toned arms while holding up her Best Supporting Actress award at this year’s ceremony.

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So what’s the secret? A series of low-weight, high-repetition drills aimed at focusing on key problem areas.

Try the workout

What you’ll need

  • 2- to 3-pound wrist weights and 2- to 3-pound hand weights
  • A small stability ball or Pilates ball

The moves


1. My Newton sneakers. I have a pair in every color!

2. My iPad with all my kick-butt playlists on them. Each client has their own, as they all have specific tastes in music.

3. A change of workout clothes, since I get so sweaty.

4. A bag of almonds to nibble on in between clients.

5. A bottle of Harvest Farm coconut water. It is the best for hydrating and tastes so yummy.


Reach for the Oscar

Wearing your wrist weights, place your ball on the floor with the left hand. Slide the right arm underneath the left and reach to a lateral side extension.


Tricep shredder

Keep the Pilates ball on the floor on the left hand. With a 3-pound weight, raise the right arm to a tricep extension.


Swan Dive

Wearing both wrist weights, think Black Swan, and lift/lower arms above your head, keeping your back straight.


One leg, two Oscars

Stand on the left leg and raise the right knee. Holding your hand weights, imagine you are holding two Oscars, and raise both arms out in front of your body.


The Wonder Woman press

Start in plank position, then lift left leg and right arm. Hold for about a minute, then pulse. Follow with a tricep press.

Repeat each exercise for three sets of 20 reps per set, on each side. Simone suggests doing these drills about three times a week in addition to cardio. Her favorite cardio exercises to do with her clients are dancing and jump rope.

Though she is not a nutritionist, Simone suggests a diet heavy on protein and vegetables, with light grains. Mix in some water, green juice and the occasional chocolate, and you should be red carpet ready in about six weeks!

For more great customized workouts from Simone that you can do anywhere, check out her website Body By Simone TV and follow BBS on Twitter @bodybysimone.

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