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Harley Pasternak’s new Body Reset Diet

Harley Pasternak has trained Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson, and now the famous fitness guru has a new book and sneaker line we all can try. Find out his diet secrets and why he says we should work out less!

Harley Pasternak

Now we can all train like a celebrity thanks to Harley Pasternak’s new book and sneaker line for New Balance.

We caught up with the fitness expert in New York City to discuss his new book The Body Reset Diet and why he thinks we should stop hitting the gym so hard.

“We overexercise,” Harley explains. “There are so many studies that there’s a direct relationship between the intensity of cardio and your appetite. We overestimate the amount of calories we burn during cardio classes.”

The solution, Harley says, is focusing on your diet and resetting your body, appetite and metabolism. “There’s no amount of exercise in the world that can make up for a bad diet,” he told SheKnows. In his new book, he outlines an eating plan with recipes that makes serious use of your blender.

“On the Body Reset Diet, there are three phases,” he says. “They’re each five days long. Phase 1: You’re going to blend three times a day, just for five days. You have a white smoothie for breakfast, a red one for lunch and a green one for dinner. It has all of the proteins and healthy fat and fiber, and all the things you never get when juicing. You’re also going to have crunchy snacks in between the meals. Phase 2: You replace one smoothie with a solid meal that include soups, salads, sandwiches, stir-fries and sushi. In phase 3, you replace yet another smoothie with a solid meal.”

limited-edition New Balance 977

Instead of taking intense spinning or boot camp classes, Harley recommends being more physically active as part of your regular day and walking at least 10,000 steps a day. He also shares specific exercises to perform for each phase of the diet.

His limited-edition New Balance 997 sneakers are different from a typical running shoe because of the heel-to-toe drop ratio. “The way that we drop the heel allows you to access your glutes and hamstrings more during exercise,” he explains. “You need to buy the right shoe for the purpose you’ll be using it for. Specificity is really, really important.”

Do you want to try Pasternak’s Body Reset Diet? The book hits stores March 12.

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