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Easter-themed exercises for the kids


Easter means cute clothes and Easter baskets and way more candy than kids need. Try these fun, Easter-themed activities to help your kids burn off what the bunny brought.

Kids running for Easter eggs

Every Easter you try to fill your children’s baskets with more toys than candy and hide the jelly beans soon after they find them. No matter how much work you put into hiding the sugar, the kids still seem to find it and eat it as fast as you can bury it again.

“At a time when tech-type activity often supersedes our children’s physical activity, and unhealthy food choices are marketed directly toward younger age groups, we as adults and parents must work even harder at improving our children’s healthy choices,” says Kurt David, an elementary school counselor and fitness enthusiast. Since you can’t be there to stop every sugary treat from getting into their hands, you can make a plan to incorporate fun activities into your Easter routine that emphasize having fun and staying active. SheKnows has rounded up some great Easter activities to keep your kids hopping this holiday.

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Easter egg fitness hunt

Easter egg fitness treasure hunt
by Super Healthy Kids


Easter egg fitness treasure hunt

Your kids are expecting an Easter egg hunt, but are they expecting one that will keep them moving after every discovery? This fun twist on the average egg hunt will burn off every last jelly bean.

Visit Super Healthy Kids for full details on how to create your own >>


sound hunt

Not only does this fun activity keep your kids moving, but it also incorporates a great way to work on sounds, letter recognition or spelling, depending on the learning level of your kids.

Visit Carrots Are Orange for instructions on making your own egg sound hunt >>


Egg in the
nest game

If you’re looking for a fun way to work on colors while giving the kids a little workout, try this fun sorting game to keep the kids moving. You can move your game throughout the house or yard to get even more exercise and movement involved and make it a bit more difficult for older kids.

Visit Teach Preschool for a tutorial on the egg in the nest game >>


Easter game

If you have little ones who can’t seem to stop moving before they’ve even had a bite of candy, then this game is for you. Try this Easter-themed way to get more exercise into your day and you might just have as much fun as the kids.

Visit Little Family Fun for instructions on how to play the Energetic Easter game >>

No matter what game you choose, focusing on movement and fun instead of candy is the best way to keep your kids happy and healthy through the Easter holiday.

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