Moving in with him: Bedding that’s manly enough for your guy

Psh, quit bickering with your dude over silly stuff like sheets! I consulted an expert and drew from my own personal experience to find bedding that will have both of you floating on cloud nine.

Happy couple in bed

Style wars

When Kenny and I first moved in together, I flat out refused to sleep with “Big Brown.” That’s what I called his old comforter, FYI. It was faded, falling apart and just downright ugly. I mean, come on, who could blame me? Granted, my tropical-inspired, multi-colored Anthropologie one wasn’t that much better, but hey, at least it wasn’t brown, right?

After doing a little research online, I realized that this wasn’t just a problem we were facing — it was a problem a lot of couples go through. The woman typically wants to invest in a feminine comforter and tons of throw pillows that feel all cute and homey, while the man wants something that’s very simple and masculine with absolutely no hint of frill in it whatsoever. Then, of course, there’s a huge fight because of these differences of opinion.

For us, that huge fight was more like several small fights. I would send him emails each week with links to girly bedding I loved or show him photos online, and he would turn them all down for one lame (in my mind, anyway) reason or another. It was frustrating to say the least. When all was said and done, however, we finally settled on a chic white down comforter we found for half off on the popular deal site HauteLook. It wasn’t exactly what I would have gotten if I was single and lived alone, and maybe he wouldn’t have either, but it was a compromise, and that’s what it came down to.

Keeping the peace

If you’re having a tough time (like we were) finding bedding you can both agree on, here are three fab rules courtesy of Danielle Hirsch, former host of HGTV series Design Remix and Color Splash, to help you keep the peace between the sheets for life.


Invest in a couple pairs of quality linens

Think Egyptian cotton! “It’s known for its thinner threads, which result in higher thread counts,” says Hirsch. “And the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the sheets will feel and the longer they’ll last.” There’s nothing like being sandwiched between nice linens. “I like white sheets because they’re clean, crisp, pure and go with everything,” she notes.


Go gray

“Gray is always a great color to start with,” Hirsch says. “It’s masculine, yet it can be paired with touches of pink or lavender to make it harmonious for both sexes.” I couldn’t agree more, although white and other neutrals are also wonderful choices.


Dress it up with a throw or pillows

In dressing your bed, think texture and simple on a large scale, Hirsch advises. “A big graphic blanket folded at the end of the bed or a fur throw always breathes masculinity and comfort into a room. Rather than having multiple pillows, add a few that have that feminine touch of color or even some shimmer,” she says. This way, everyone’s happy.

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