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Dr. Travis Stork shares his tips for a healthy, happy year


We’re on the set of Dr. Travis Stork’s commercial shoot with Simply Saline, chatting with him about all of this season’s top health concerns and his advice to avoid the three “S”s.

Dr. Travis Stork

For the cold and flu season, The Doctors host Dr. Travis Stork has teamed up with Simply Saline to share the news about the product, and we were invited to join him on the set of their commercial shoot in downtown Los Angeles.

Not only is Dr. Stork smart, he’s also easy on the eyes! We chatted with him about all of your top health concerns right now. Check out his advice for making it through this high-alert cold season with your health intact.

SheKnows: So, Dr. Stork, tell us a little about the commercial you’re shooting.

Dr. Travis Stork: We’re shooting a commercial for Arm & Hammer Simply Saline. It’s part of what I’ve been doing to help promote natural treatments for the cold and flu. People know that I’m a huge fan of saline nasal mists. When you’re sick, there are things you can do for yourself that aren’t going to harm you. Nasal irrigation is highly underrated. If you went and looked in my bag, that’s what I have. Everyone around us seems to be sick.

SK: Once you are sick, what are your top tips for getting better?

TS: Get plenty of rest. You want to make sure that you’re well-rested so your immune system can have a fighting chance to fight off the cold, the flu, pneumonia, whatever it is. Eat good foods:  I call it the rainbow. A supplement is not going to get you better. If you eat the rainbow of foods, you’re really giving your body the nutrients that it needs. And hydration: If you’re staying hydrated, then you are doing a better job of doing the simple things like keeping your nasal passages moist.

SK: So you don’t advocate any supplements like vitamin C to help you heal quicker?

TS: I wish the evidence pointed towards a magical supplement out there, and if you watch the news or commercials you’d think that tons of supplements help, but unfortunately the evidence just isn’t there. So if you want to give yourself the best shot of getting over the cold or the flu, do it when you shop the peripheries of the grocery store. When you go in, buy those fruits and veggies. Those are the supplements you need.

SK: February is heart health month. What are the worst habits a woman can have for her heart?

TS: It’s the three “S”s that you want to avoid. Smoking, obviously. [Next is] sitting. Women who sit all day long are really putting themselves at risk not only for heart disease, but diabetes. We’re learning more and more that the more you can get on your feet, the more you can move around throughout your day, [the better it is for your health]. The only reason I’m sitting right now is I’ve been standing up for five hours straight while we were taping this commercial. The more you can be on your feet, the more calories you’re burning and you’re [also] giving your heart a nice subtle workout throughout the day. Stress is another huge [“S” to avoid]. Interestingly the more sedentary you are, the more stressed you just may end up being, too.

SK: Valentine’s Day is also in February. How do love and marriage affect your health?

TS: I think time is showing that it’s all about the relationship. It’s not necessarily the institution of marriage, it’s “Are you in a healthy relationship?” The data clearly states if you’re in a good, healthy relationship you probably will live longer. You probably will be healthier. But the most important thing is if you’re in a relationship, support one another. Not only emotionally, but in terms of your physical health. Those are the marriages where people live longer and they’re happier.

SK: Weight loss is always a hot-button topic, especially in the new year, and you’re always hearing about the next fad diet. What are the top three worst fad diets that you’ve heard of?

TS: So can I be completely honest? I ignore fad diets. I hear so many fad diets coming and going that I put earmuffs on. If you hear the word “fad” and “diets” together, it’s probably not good for you, and that’s almost across the board. Healthy living and healthy eating is not a fad. Unfortunately, healthy living, healthy eating, doesn’t always sell.

SK: So what kinds of foods do you recommend?

TS: Natural food. You don’t need to eat like someone back in prehistoric times, where all you’re eating is nuts and berries. It’s not even so much what you’re eating, it’s how you prepare it. If you’re going to make a burger, go with grass-fed beef. If you want to really put it on a bun, put it on a whole-grain bun that’s a little bit lighter in calories. Instead of mayonnaise, use avocado. Use things that are adding health to whatever you’re eating, rather than taking away from it.

One of the reasons I partnered with Simply Saline literally is the theme is keep it simple. Good health is simple, and the more we complicate it, the more difficult it is to achieve

Be sure to catch more of Dr. Stork’s wellness tips every day on The Doctors; check your local listings for day and time.

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Photo credit: Simply Saline

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