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Survey says: Most men would skip the Super Bowl for sex

The Super Bowl is here! For many of you, this means your man will be mentally and physically checked out for an entire day. He will be completely immersed in his platter of hot wings, ice-cold beer, and the battle taking place on the gridiron. Right? Wrong. The results of a new survey might surprise you.

Football facts
Would men skip the Super Bowl for sex?

49ers or Ravens? Sex or football? Hot wings or pizza? These are the most important decisions any man might have to make during the big game. But wait… sex or football?

A recent survey by Durex shows that most couples would skip the biggest football game of the year to score big with their significant other in bed. 85% of men said that they would forego cheering on their favorite team for a steamy night of passion with their partner. So, it’s time to bust out and dust off your lingerie ladies.

Now that the wings are getting cold and the beer has been swapped out for champagne, this may be the perfect time to live out a sultry football fantasy. After all, Durex also shows us that 75% of couples have a partner who likes to surprise them in bed and 50% of women like to or would like to take part in a sexual fantasy. Try this one — you are a hot cheerleader and he is the star quarterback who just threw the winning touchdown. The rest is up to you.

So, football or sex? Will he be willing to trade in the beer, the parties and the football game to get lucky? Maybe you should ask him.

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