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Salute to singlehood: Valentine’s Day giveaway

SheKnows wants to be your valentine this year! We have five amazing gifts we’re sure all you single ladies will love. This year, put your effort toward celebrating with your true loves — yourself and your girlfriends! Cheers to independence!

This year, beat the single blues by wearing new hues and seeing new views! What we’re really trying to say is, we want you to treat yourself to what you deserve… lots of great prizes and giveaways. After all, these treats are sweeter than any chocolate or flowers a boyfriend could give you.

Beautiful for you

Be beautiful for you

Since you don’t have to get made up for anyone else this Valentine’s Day, you might as well be selfish and do it for yourself. The first step to finding a new beau is to be beau-tiful. Surely you won’t go unnoticed with luscious lips or seductive smoky eyes from your cabinet of Mary Kay products. Maybe with a little help from this beauty bundle, you can kiss being single goodbye!

The giveaway: Enter to win this Mary Kay bundle so you can be beautiful for you… and maybe seduce a beau who thinks so too!

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

Whether or not we choose to admit it, we envy the perfect lives of the characters in movies. This year, you can live vicariously through movies like Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Gigi and Hairspray while you giggle and take Valentine’s Day hot chocolate shots out of your classy and glassy Libbey Bar In A Box 18 Piece Glassware Set.

It’s a win-win! You get to swoon over the men in the movies while you enjoy your cocktails — without any strings attached.

The giveaway: Enter to win the Libbey Bar In A Box 18 Piece Glassware Set and The Best of WB — 20  Film Best Pictures and 20 Film Musicals!

From your Imaginary Boyfriend

Gifts from your imaginary boyfriend

While we don’t recommend you go to crazy extremes with pretend lovers (don’t be a Manti Te’o repeat), we do think it’s OK to play pretend every once in a while. This year, we’re here to give you a Miriam Merenfeld Love Tag Necklace to always keep close to your heart. Although it’s a puzzle piece design, you won’t be puzzled by how good you feel when you wear it!

The giveaway: Enter to win a Miriam Merenfeld Love Tag Necklace!

Work is your boyfriend

If work is your boyfriend

Sometimes getting up and ready for work requires more effort than having a boyfriend, and once you’re at work, you focus more on your tasks than your love life. So why not spice up the work day with a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover that would make any guy jealous? This keyboard cover can transform any monotonous day into an exciting one with each click of a button!

The giveaway: Enter to win a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover!

You time vacation

Sometimes when the reality that you’re single randomly overwhelms you, you desperately need a pillow to cry on. Not that your own soft pillows at home couldn’t cure the pain, but we guarantee the pillows at Terranea Resort in the California sunshine would feel even better. While we’re at it, why not take your girlfriends along with you?

The giveaway: Enter to get away to the glistening sunshine at the Terranea Resort!

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