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Love yourself this Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day, we often think of all the people we love and try to make the day special for them. But this year, add another important person to the list: you! Little steps like getting enough vitamin D, can make loving on your body a huge success.

Woman on exercise bike

Happy Valentine’s Day… to you! We’re in the season of love, and it’s important to remember that while we’re loving and taking care of others, we need to factor ourselves in, too. Ready to get loving on you a little? Here’s how.

Pump yourself up

When was the last time you worked up a good sweat? Not only are workouts good for your body, but they also can be energizing too. Wake your body up with an intense session and you’ll see long-lasting benefits.

“Every Monday, I take the kids to a sitter and meet with a trainer first thing in the morning. It’s only an hour workout session, but it allows me the chance to take care of myself and I also feel great. It also affords me the opportunity to take a nice, long, hot shower without being interrupted,” says Janae Melvin, a mom of two.

Even if a trainer isn’t in your budget, you can get your sweat on with exercise DVDs, online workout videos or just taking a walk or a jog outside.

Green smoothieEat well

You know that saying that you are what you eat? OK, you might not turn into a jumbo cookie after indulging a little too much from the office treat tray, but if you aren’t eating well, your body will show the effects. So make an effort to start your day right with a balanced breakfast that energizes you for the day.

“I make sure I have a healthy breakfast and allot time each morning to juice kale/apple/carrot/lemon/parsley/cilantro and after my walk, I have chia seeds with warmed coconut milk along with organic hot cocoa – the best comforting, warming, healthy food,” says certified nutritionist Nancy Guberti, MS.

Essential nutrients

Part of loving yourself is feeding yourself well. These nutrients will help you have optimal health and feel good too.

Vitamin C: We all know that germs are the evil enemy in wintertime, but vitamin C can help you fend off colds (though the Mayo Clinic has said that the benefit is small). But it’s also good for your mood according to research. Now please pass the OJ.

Vitamin D: Keep your brain sharp! According to research by a team at Angers University Hospital in France, a diet with a higher vitamin D intake has been linked to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Calcium: Protect those bones! Calcium-rich foods are essential to bone health. And yes, calcium from foods is better than supplements, according to a preliminary study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine. According to the study, women who get their calcium from dietary sources have better bone density and overall bone health.

Get some shut-eye

Sleep is an important factor in health, too, so make sure you are getting enough rest every evening. You’ll wake up rejuvenated and ready to tackle every day. As a bonus, getting more sleep can also help with weight loss — score!

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