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Broken heart? How to start healing today

Even though Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, broken hearts and broken relationships are actually a common theme this time of year.

Sad woman

The major holidays are over, and many people take the opportunity to end a relationship and start the new year fresh and single. Is your heart broken right now? If so, there is hope. The following tips can help the healing start today.

Be gentle on yourself

There is a reason they call it a broken heart — for many people, breaking up can create physical, not just emotional, pain. It will not last forever, but during this time be gentle to yourself and your body. Take some time off from work or personal obligations, get a massage or try taking a gentle yoga class. Do things to help restore your overall balance. Many times people will try to push through the pain, which actually makes getting over a breakup take longer. Eventually, you will need to process your experience.

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Get involved

Ever thought about volunteering at your local animal shelter or working as a mentor for children? Consider donating your time and energy into giving back. When we get ourselves involved in something that allows us to give back, it can instantly improve our mood. It also provides perspective on what we do have in our lives, rather than focusing on what we don’t have.

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happy golden retreiverConsider an animal

Pets are instant stress-relievers and great companions. If you are feeling lonely and upset about your breakup, consider getting a pet. Dogs and cats are great companion animals, and even guinea pigs or gerbils are fine. Taking a dog for a walk or cuddling up with a cat is a great way to relax. Pets don’t give us advice like friends and family, they just listen. Children who are dealing with parents’ breakup or divorce often do better with transitions when they have an animal to help them.

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As you work your way through a breakup, if you feel stuck, or things get complicated, consider reaching out to a mental health professional. Mental health professionals are trained and skilled in working with individuals through a breakup and can give you advice on how to move forward.

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