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Get a perfect butt by Valentine’s Day


Nothing makes jeans look better than a toned tush. If your behind needs a boost, we have the scoop on the best sculpting moves to add to your workout routine for a better butt.

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Nothing makes jeans look better than a toned tush. If your behind needs a boost, we have the scoop on the best sculpting moves to add to your workout routine for a better butt.

We asked Angeles Burke, an A.F.A.A. certified group fitness instructor and Celsius Fitness Ambassador, for her top butt-sculpting moves.

DumbellGlute kick-backs

For this move, get on your hands and knees and place a light dumbbell behind your right knee. Keep your back and neck flat and in a straight line, and slowly lift your right foot up to the ceiling while squeezing to keep the dumbbell in place. Try not to arch your back or move too fast to make sure the movement is doing its butt-sculpting job. Burke says this move should be done at a slow and controlled pace. After 15 repetitions, switch to the opposite side.

Weighted step-ups

Start with a bench that’s at least 1 foot off the ground. With light dumbbells in each hand, place your right foot on top of the bench while keeping your left foot on the ground. Keeping dumbbells down by your sides, press through your right heel up to the top of the bench, hold for one second and then bring your left leg back about 6 inches while squeezing your glute. Relax and lower yourself with control. Keep your right leg on the bench until you complete 12 repetitions and then switch to the opposite leg.

“The key is to keep all your weight in your heel to ensure you are targeting the glute to get a nice rounded booty,” explains Burke.

Weighted around-the-world lunges

Make a note: Burke stresses that when you lunge, be sure to get into a wide stance so that your knee stays behind your toes and weight is in your heels at all times. She also advises pushing off the ground as much as possible with your heel and staying as tall as possible with good form.

Grab two light dumbbells and hold them down by your sides. Start with your feet directly underneath you and then lunge forward with your right foot, making sure to stand straight with your shoulders rolled back. Come back to starting position, then lunge to the right side at an angle. Return to the starting position and then lunge back with your right leg. Perform the same moves on your left side to complete one repetition of around-the-world lunges. Do four to six repetitions.

Sumo squat walks

Stand with your feet in a wide stance, then drop your glutes down so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold that position and then take 12 steps forward and 12 steps back, while remaining as low as possible and keeping all the weight in your heels. “This is a pretty silly-looking move, but it will get your booty burning,” says Burke. If you want more of a booty-boosting challenge, she suggests holding weights in your hands while you do your sumo squat walk. Aim to go back and forth three times.

Lying ball leg-lifts

Place a large stability ball behind an object that you can grab onto for support (Burke uses two heavy dumbbells). Lie flat on your stomach on the ball and grab your stable object of choice. Keep the majority of your upper body on the ball (allow your legs to hang off) and tighten up your core muscles and glutes as you begin to lift your legs. Keep legs straight and try to not touch the floor for 10 repetitions of lifts.

“This move should be performed very slowly and with good form,” advises Burke. “Try to not hyperextend and overarch your back to get your legs up. Let your booty do the work.”

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