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Make your Valentine’s Day date an adventure


We all say “I love you” in different ways: Chocolates, flowers, a home-cooked meal — and the shared “Yahoo!” as you and your sweetheart catch matching air on the ski slope. Think that last one is going too far? Think again!

Couple showshoeing

While traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are well and good, there are plenty of more adventurous ways to affirm your love.

Take your chocolate outdoors

Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to make a normal experience — say, eating a few bites of chocolate — into something more exotic. Why not pack a thermos of hot cocoa or a bottle of wine and take those fancy Valentine’s Day chocolates on the road? If you don’t have any dramatic bluffs or enchanting forests nearby to hike around, a seat on the grass — or snow — in your favorite park will do just fine. Make sure you dress warmly, bring a blanket or tarp to sit on, and a spare blanket to cover up. If you’re really adventurous, and any nearby campgrounds are open, you’re in luck: You can drive, hike or snow-shoe right up, set up your tent, then cuddle up and watch the stars.

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Make your date an active adventure

Snow shoeing, dog sledding, trapeze classes or Bikram yoga, anybody? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to that fitness adventure you’ve been yearning for. A noisy restaurant dinner pales beside the idea of you and your mate sweating together and enjoying the endorphin rush of a new activity. If the two of you have differing ideas of what constitutes a thrilling date, you can trade: Each of you picks one new activity, say, a trending workout class, that you’ll try together. Or if you both have a long-standing favorite hobby — skiing, for example — treat yourselves to a tandem outing.

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Cook up some love

Food so often plays a central role in Valentine’s celebrations, so why not learn to make your own? Check out your local cooking schools for chocolate-making or ethnic cooking classes to cook up some romance. You can also try an online class from, such as artisan cheese or chocolate making.

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