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Football-inspired sex positions for halftime

We love football just as much as the next red-blooded American woman, but what’s on TV is way less interesting than what’s going on right in front of us.

In the spirit of the great U.S. pastime of the pigskin, here are football-inspired sex positions to occupy you when the cute guys in tight pants are off the field… and your focus shifts to the eager benchwarmer sitting next to you.

1. Field Goal

Football-inspired sex positions for halftime: Field Goal

So you say you want to lie back and enjoy the action? Give him something to grab onto.

“In the ‘field goal’ position, a woman is in a V-shape — her legs are up on her partner’s shoulders, mimicking a field goal,” says Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, Astroglide’s relationship and sexual wellness ambassador.

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2. Fumble

Football-inspired sex positions for halftime: Fumble

This move makes it oh-so-easy to slide into the end zone — so to speak.

“Though this may sound like a reject sex act, it’s anything but,” says Dr. Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations sex toy shop. “Sometimes also known as foreplay or heavy petting, the Fumble is all hands: hands on breasts, sliding down the belly, drawing your lover closer, and the all-important hands between the legs! Manual sex can be some of the hottest and safest sex around.”

All good reminders for when you’re sacked out on the couch.

3. Tailback

Football-inspired sex positions for halftime: Tailback

Simple. Effective… We’re into this come-from-behind position:

“You know this position as Doggy Style, but how do doggies do it? They put their tails back, of course,” Queen says. “An eager tail thrust backward will make any sports fan want to throw that ball, and besides, if your sofa is nice and sturdy, this is the number-one position for watching the game, since it gives both of you a view of the TV.”

Now this is the kind of multitasking we can get into…

4. Wide Receiver

Football-inspired sex positions for halftime: Wide Receiver

Giving him a halftime show is nice, but being a demanding professional receiver is sometimes just what the (sports medicine) doctor ordered:

“There’s more than one way to receive, but Wide Receiver is a fabulous position to luxuriate in either oral delights or a no-holds-barred Touchdown,” Queen says. “The Receiver lies on her/his back, legs elevated (holding them up and apart if desired), and spread wide — let your partner in, and pleasure’s your goal.”

We give this position way more than six points.

Images: Becci Burkhart

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