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The anti-Valentines: 5 Reasons to skip the day of love

Not everyone feels all mushy when they think about Feb. 14. In fact, there are quite a few people we know who think of it as just another day. If that sounds like you, don’t feel bad!

Just say no…
Unhappy couple on Valentine's Day

There are more than a few reasons to say no to cupid and skip Valentine’s Day altogether.


Restaurants will be packed

Seriously, do you really want to fight for a reservation at a restaurant where the service will be run off their feet, depressed to be at work on Valentine’s Day and charging an arm and a leg for teeny tiny meals and wine you could just drink at home? We didn’t think so. Skip the pricey meal and eat in. You can go out for dinner any night of the week!


You just spent all that money on Christmas

We know how it feels — you overspend in December so January and February become no-spend zones. If you’re still feeling a financial crunch, why spend even more just because all the magazine ads and cheesy commercials tell you to? This year, decide as a couple to save instead of spend and find something free to do rather than give each other gifts you likely won’t use anyway.


There are 364 other days to show your love

Why is just one day allotted to showing someone how much they mean to you? This year, buck tradition and vow to be more loving and more romantic every day of the year — not just on Feb. 14. We’re willing to bet your relationship improves because of it.


Not everyone is part of a couple

Show some solidarity for your un-coupled friends by saying no to Valentine’s Day this year. Not everyone wants to see happy couples holding hands and giving each other boxes of overpriced chocolate. Instead, offer to throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party for all your friends, couples and singles alike. You’ll have more fun than if you were waiting in line at a packed restaurant or worse, scrambling to find a card and last-minute gift.


Valentine’s Day cards are the worst

Have you read a Valentine’s Day card recently? They’re cheesy, generic and they really can’t sum up your relationship in a few poorly-written words. So we say forget the card, and instead, write random love notes for your guy when he won’t expect them (e.g. not on Valentine’s Day).

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