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Sexy and bold: How feeling sexy can improve your life

You don’t have to have to have the perfect body to be considered sexy. Being and feeling sexy comes in many forms. Sometimes women are afraid to feel sexy because it might send the wrong message, but when you feel sexy, the confidence you exude is irresistible.

Be irresistibly confident
Sexy woman looking in mirror

Feeling sexy and bold can actually help jump start new opportunities or relationships that you may have avoided because of low self-esteem. Here are three things you can do today to help you find your sexy and bold self.

Feeling sexy makes your posture better

When you think positive thoughts about yourself, you stand taller and your eyes become brighter. If you have trouble thinking of yourself as sexy, try to focus on one aspect of yourself that you like and make a daily mantra out of it. For example, “I love the fact that I am intelligent!” If you were to say that every day, first thing in the morning, imagine how that would make you feel. Feeling positive about yourself can automatically make you feel more attractive and sexy. Do not pick out your flaws! Even if you feel that there is nothing sexy about you, reflect on a time that you felt really good about yourself and focus on that feeling every day.

Visit a local sex store or visit one online

Many women are curious about their sexuality but too afraid to ask. You can get started feeling sexy and bold by visiting your local sex store. Many cities have friendly sex stores, not the seedy kind (search: sexual health education store plus the name of your city). If that is too much for you, check out some women-friendly websites like Toys in Babeland or Good Vibrations. Educating yourself about your body is a bold move (and a positive experience) to start feeling sexy!

Feeling sexy improves your mood

Many people report that when they feel sexy they feel not only positive about themselves, but also about their relationships with others. Confidence is the No. 1 item that guys talk about when you ask them what makes a woman sexy. So if you need to wear sexy lingerie under your work suit or read a steamy romance novel, give it a try. When we feel sexy we are more likely to take risks that are positive and motivating in the long run. So get going with your sexy self!

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