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Our favorite love lessons from Some E Cards

We love having a good chuckle when we see a brilliant new Some E Card, but we also think there are actual love lessons to be had underneath all the fab jokes and funny illustrations. Here are our faves:


Make those Valentine’s Day reservations early


Procrastination is normal, but if you’re dating someone you want to be seen with on Valentine’s Day, you’d best start dialing if you want to eat dinner at a decent hour. If you’re diligent, you might just score a coveted 5:15 p.m. rezzie. Niiiiice. If the dinner hours have already been scooped up, we suggest convincing your main squeeze that a V-Day picnic in the living room, basking in the warm glow of your flatscreen TV would be totally romantic. Right? Right?!


Compliment your guy regularly


When it comes to telling your man how great you think he is, it can’t hurt to include his sexual skills. Sure, men like it when you acknowledge how much they do for you every day (even un-sexy yet oddly swoon-worthy stuff like unloading the dishwasher), but don’t neglect his ability to perform when you’re gushing about what a great man he is. Selfish side note: Praising his skills in the sack will likely net you a repeat performance.


Marriage is actually pretty great


If there are any benefits to long-term love that don’t involve jointly filed taxes and more affordable health insurance, it’s the knowledge that you can both let yourself go at the same rate, no judgment. The takeaway: It’s not what you look like when you’re older, it’s about who you’re sitting next to in your rocking chair. Which is good, because we’re cracking open our second pint of rocky road… and our second bottle of wine.


Finding a life partner is a marathon, not a sprint


Weddings mess with everyone’s heads from time to time, especially if six of your best friends are getting married in one summer. An invitation avalanche like that can make a young woman’s thoughts turn to when her day is coming… and how high her credit limit is, thanks to all the plane tickets she’ll have to buy. That’s why it’s good to be reminded that everyone follows her own timetable, and if your wedding is dead last of your entire crew, there are perks to that too.


Why you’re still single probably
doesn’t hinge on your looks


We’re not trying to hate on Honey Boo Boo and her colorful family, but the next time you find yourself wondering out loud if it’s your hair/face/body/table manners that are preventing you from snagging a man, the answer is probably “no.” Kind of frees you up to be yourself, laugh loud and lead exactly the type of life you want to, huh? Kind of like Mama June does.

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