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Post-workout beauty tips for hair and skin

It’s tricky to squeeze a trip to the gym into a hectic schedule. It’s even trickier not to look like you’ve been at the gym. Here are our expert tips on the best ways to get back to beautiful in a rush post-workout.

Woman relaxing after workout

You managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the gym on your lunch break or before evening commitments — good for you! Unfortunately, you only have a few minutes to get rid of the gym rat look and return yourself to the beauty you were when you walked in. No problem — these post-workout tips will get you back to beautiful — fast!

Pre-workout hair

If you’re not getting sweaty, you’re not doing it right! Get your hair up off of your face before your workout starts to prevent a sweaty mess when you’re done. Put it up in a ponytail or bun, and use elastic headbands to catch any strays.

About face!

One of the first things you should do after a good workout is wash your face. All that sweat does a body good, but it’s horrible for your skin and can lead to severe breakouts. Keep a packet of facial cleansing wipes — some don’t even require water for you ladies in a big rush — and use them within five minutes of the end of your workout session.

Minimal makeup

After you’ve washed all the gym crud away from your face, apply a tinted moisturizer to freshen up and add to your post-workout glow. You won’t need a lot of makeup, since your face will probably be flush from all that hard work. A neutral eyeshadow, mascara and tinted lip gloss is probably all you need to look ready to face the world.

Post-workout hair

No matter what you do to prevent it, your hair is going to get sweaty sometimes. If you don’t have the time (or desire) to wash your hair at the gym, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you out.

Allyssa Hapner, a hair stylist in Columbus, Ohio, recommends every gym rat keep a bottle of dry shampoo in her workout bag. “Dry shampoo is perfect for after a workout,” says Hapner. “It soaks up all the oil, but there’s no water involved, so you don’t have to start your style from scratch.”

No dry shampoo on hand? That’s OK, too. Use a hair dryer to wick all the sweaty moisture from your hair.

Our editor on how healthy habits changed her beauty routine:

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