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Are glasses or contacts better for your lifestyle?

Deciding between contact lenses and glasses may seem like an easy choice, but it’s not. There are several factors you must take into consideration. Take this quiz to see which fits your life — and your style.

Woman holding eyeglasses

Take the quiz!


Are you low maintenance?

  • A. No way! I’m as high maintenance as they come!
  • B. My daily ritual has a few steps, but it’s not on overload.
  • C. I’m super low maintenance. The fewer steps, the better.

Do you spend a lot of
time on a computer?

  • A. Very little — I’m not much of a techie.
  • B. A couple hours a day, but I’m not chained to it.
  • C. I’m a slave to technology! I spend all day on a computer, tablet or phone.

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Are you a pretty active lady?

  • A. Whether I’m chasing kids or out on the court, I’m always on the move!
  • B. I’m a bit of an athlete, but just on the weekends.
  • C. No, I pretty much stay in one spot.

Do you have a hard time
finding your… everything?

  • A. Yes! I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached.
  • B. I usually have a general idea of where I put things.
  • C. I always know exactly where everything is.

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Do you like to accessorize?

  • A. There’s not a lot of variety in my wardrobe. I know what works and I stick with it.
  • B. I get a little crazy every now and then.
  • C. Yes! I love to mix it up!

Are you squeamish when
it comes to your eyes?

  • A. Nah, I’ve been poking myself in the eye for as long as I can remember.
  • B. Sometimes. Putting eye drops in takes a few attempts.
  • C. I cannot touch my eyes… and neither can my optometrist.

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Do you spend a lot of time outside?

  • A. Most of my days are outdoors, but I like to sleep in a real bed.
  • B. Why would I? That’s what houses are for!
  • C. I hike, camp and sleep under the starts as often as I can.

Is cost a big factor?

  • A. Nope. I’ve got a credit card and I know how to use it.
  • B. It matters, but it’s not the deciding factor.
  • C. I’m definitely on a budget.

The results

Mostly A’s: Hey there, Contact Queen!

Contact lenses are easy to wear, and they don’t alter your look at all. They’re great for girls on the go, because you don’t have to worry about them falling off of your face or breaking. You’re probably not going to lose them (You’re less likely to leave them sitting around when they’re actually in your eye!).

Contact lenses do require a little bit of extra work. They have to be cleaned and sanitized every time you take them out. They’re also more expensive than glasses because they have to be replaced more often and require solutions for proper care.

Mostly B’s: Get both — you’ll use them.

Contact lenses and glasses both have their pros and cons, and you seem like the kind of gal who can get a lot of use out of both. Pop in your contacts for those busy days when you won’t have time to fuss with your glasses. Trade them out for snazzy frames on a day when your outfit needs a little more pop or when you’re going to plant yourself in front of your laptop for several hours.

Mostly C’s: Go for the glasses, girlfriend!

Contact lenses are a great option for some people, but not for you, lady. Glasses are no-fuss — just slip them on and you’re ready for the day. They’re perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time at the computer — the more focused you are, the less you blink… Hello dry eyes! They’re also a lot cheaper, since you only have to buy them once every few years, as long as your prescription doesn’t change.

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