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Eye health: How to protect your vision in the snow

Think you only need to protect your eyes in the summer? Think again! Damaging UV rays are not limited to warmer weather. In fact, UV rays reflected off of snowy surfaces can actually double your UV exposure, according to The Vision Council, so take steps to protect your eyes year-round.

Woman wearing sunglases while playing in the snow

An hour in the sun on a snowy day can do a whole lot more damage to your eyes than a day out in the summer. The snow’s reflective surface means a small amount of exposure can cause temporary or permanent damage. So what can you do? Read on to find out!

Don’t forget your shades!

They’re somewhere in your back seat, at the bottom of your purse Yellow sunglassesor on your desk at work, but they should be on your face! Don’t skip the sunglasses, ever — especially if there’s snow on the ground. Look for a pair with 100 percent UV protection, or grab a pair that is polarized for even better protection.

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Get prescription sunglasses

You shouldn’t have to make a choice between seeing clearly and going blind from the glaring snow! Visit your eye care provider to learn more about prescription sunglasses. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, visit LensCrafters. They are the first eye care providers to offer Transitions Vantage Adaptive Lenses, polarized outdoors for ultimate clarity and protection.

Wear the right accessories

That bitter winter wind does more than chap your skin — it dries your eyes. Wear brimmed hats, hooded jackets or wrap-around glasses to keep as much wind off your face (and eyes) as possible.

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MoisturizeHumidifier isolated

We double up on skin moisturizers in the winter months to combat dry air from artificial heat. It’s important to take the same care with your eyes. They dry out just as easily as your arms and legs, so be sure to use hydrating eye drops any time they feel a little dry. To help even more, run a humidifier whenever you can.

If you’re extreme, look the part

If you love wintertime sports, make sure to don all the appropriate head gear. Don’t hit the slopes or the ice without strapping on a pair of fitted sports goggles. Don’t worry, snow bunny — there are plenty of stylish options available so you can still look hot in the cold.

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