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Real men talk about your underwear and lingerie

You know how it is. After dating someone for a while, you start to put less and less effort into wearing sexy lingerie and start trading lacy thongs for more practical (and comfortable) choices.

Whether you go for bikini briefs or grannie panties, we’re breaking down what your underwear choices mean for your relationship and are asking some guys for their opinions on what they think of your skivvies.

Lingerie: What they like

Let’s face it — most guys like sexy, lacy, frilly, skin-baring lingerie and whether it’s comfortable or not is way beyond the point. The more it looks like something they might see a Victoria’s Secret model wearing, the more they’re going to want you to wear it.

“I really love those garter belt things. If I’m dating a girl, I want her to wear them for me but not that many girls have them. I think they should definitely be a must-have for every girl if they really want to turn a guy on.” Steven, Queens, New York

“The skimpier, the better. My girlfriend has a great body so I like her to show if off for me.” Matt, Vail, Colorado

“Anything with lace really turns me on and I know my girlfriend says some of the stuff I get for her isn’t that comfortable but she looks really hot in it. Plus it’s not like she has to wear it for that long.” Cary, Los Angeles, California

Finding a balance

Rather than have an underwear argument every time you hit the bedroom or undress in front of your guy, we suggest finding a healthy balance between what he likes — and what you like. Yes, it actually is possible. We swear! Go with your partner to a lingerie store and actually try some things on. We know that takes out the element of surprise but at least that way you’ll know that what you’re buying (or what he’s buying for you) is comfortable and fits well, but also turns him on.

Lingerie: What we like

Women aren’t averse to being sexy. In fact, we like to feel sexy, but not always at the expense of comfort. The best pieces of lingerie not only look good and enhance your specific body type, but they make you feel good and boost confidence. There’s nothing worse than slipping into something your guy got you (or you bought for yourself) hoping to feel like a sex goddess and instead feel more like you’ve been squished into some sort of weird too-tight costume that also kind of itches.

“My husband got me this gorgeous, probably very expensive, bra and underwear set a few years ago for our anniversary. I tried it on and of course it was too small, and the lace made me so itchy that I couldn’t wait to get it off. I haven’t worn it since that night.” Wendy, Victoria, British Columbia

“I like to be comfortable so my underwear reflects that. I know my boyfriend would prefer if I bought some flashier stuff, but to be honest, I just don’t like wearing it.” Malinn, Orlando, Florida

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