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Sweat with your man and get sexy and fit as a couple

The only thing better than getting into shape and meeting your fitness goals is being able to do it as a couple. You and your significant other may not have thought about hitting the gym together but there are lots of great reasons to burn calories as a couple. From extra motivation to a better bond, we’re sharing some of the best reasons to sweat it out together.

Couple at gym

Quick tip: Add a little competition to your workouts to further motivate you both. Whether it’s a race around the track or in the pool, or a test to see who can complete a circuit fastest, spicing things up with some healthy competition is a fun way to take advantage of working out together.

You’ll be mega-motivated

Working out alone can get boring, and there are days when you know you should go to the gym, but it’s just easier to go straight home after work and vow to go the next day. But what if you had a gym date with your guy? You’ll be much less likely to skip out on a workout if you know he’s waiting for you. Not to mention that seeing him hit his target heart rate zone and burn off last night’s date-night dinner should inspire you to keep going even when you’re feeling less than motivated.

You’ll boost your bond

While it’s nice to have some solo hobbies and interests, having a few things you and your partner do together is a simple but effective way to boost your bond. Why not make working out (whether it’s running, biking or strength training) something you do as a couple? Even if you don’t have time to work out together five times a week, even committing to two gym sessions per week can act as a built-in “date” night and ensure you get to spend some quality time together.

You’ll increase passion

Once your blood starts pumping and those exercise-induced endorphins start moving through your body, you’re much more likely to feel sexy and see your partner in a more attractive light. Plus, working out makes you feel better about yourself (increasing body confidence), making it easier to get in the mood for sex. Working out side by side can also increase intimacy, which further has a hand in increasing post-workout passion.

You’ll have a lot more fun

One of the best and easiest ways to bust fitness boredom is to work out with someone else, so why not make that person your significant other? Choose activities that go beyond being on two treadmills across from each other and really work together to inject some fun into your workouts, which will benefit both of you. Instead of just hitting the gym together three times each week, supplement your joint workouts with other, more playful activities like playing one-on-one basketball, joining a weekly co-ed sports league, playing a round of golf (minus the cart) or testing your indoor rock-climbing skills.

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