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How to get a date for Valentine’s Day

Pink hearts, cards, chocolate, flowers… yes, it’s that time of year for those in love, lust and longing.

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Though cynics may say Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to sell cards and jewelry, enthusiasts know it’s a true celebration of love. But if you’re finding love a little elusive this Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to help guide Cupid’s arrow your way.

Step 1: Get your game on

The nice thing about Valentine’s Day is it falls right after football season. Why is this nice? For starters, sports bars will be jammed in January with rabid fans — and many, if not most, are male. But before you hit the sports scene, make sure you brush up on some sports trivia, as fancy clothes, manicures and perfect makeup may not get their attention under the circumstances. What will turn their heads? A statement like “Can you believe that Aaron Rodgers? I mean, he breaks records with 2,466 passing yards in a season, then he was named MVP for Super Bowl XLV. Did Favre ever make MVP?” Sprinkling your conversation with statements like this should take your weekend calendar from open to unavailable — once the football season ends, at least.

Step 2: Friend-zone touchdown

If there’s a certain “friend” on your radar that you’ve been secretly crushing on, perhaps now’s the time to leap from that comfort pedestal. This can be tricky, but if you play your cards right, you could open someone’s eyes to the possibility. Ask him on an “anti-Valentine’s Day” date — tell him you’d like to go see a blood and guts movie, or book a table at McD’s and chow down on cheap fast food. The clincher here is when he comes to pick you up, show up in your slinkiest, sexiest outfit (just avoid red and pink; a little black dress is always a good choice). You just might find yourself in a Valentine’s-themed lip-lock before the night is through.

Step 3: Ring around the cubicle

If you’re after your office’s most eligible bachelor but you haven’t figured out how to break the ice, try forwarding him an email that is clearly not intended for him (just keep it professional). When he responds with the inevitable “I think you’ve made a mistake,” strike up some virtual flirtation. Keep it subtle at first, but keep asking questions so he keeps responding. If he’s any kind of into you, he’ll keep it going. Once you’ve got a friendly email relationship going, try dropping a casual line about V-Day.

Step 4: Make it a girls’ night

Round up the single ladies in your life and label it a girls’ night out. Chances are, you’ll find a bunch of guys there, too; and if they’re there on Valentine’s Day, you already know the answer to the “Do you think he has a girlfriend?” inquiry. Since that’s not an issue, don’t hesitate to make the initial approach. All you’ll need is that first eye-locking glance and you’re in — an after-bar bite to eat may be the unexpected Valentine’s date you find yourself on.

Make a Note

Don’t be shy: With a little confidence, intelligence and a few of these tips, and Cupid’s arrow has a good chance of making its way straight to you. And if it doesn’t, buy a pair of shoes and call it a night.

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