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Sizzling fitness: The best workouts for winter

Don’t let those freezing temperatures get in the way of your workout routine this winter! There are plenty of exercises that can be done indoors and outdoors with the climate change.

Woman running in winter

SheKnows asked Janette Janero, fitness expert and founder of Enlite by Janette Janero, for her tips on finding the best workouts for winter. Forget winter hibernation and keep exercising with these top tips and sizzling workout routines of the season. Here’s how.

Quick tip: Avoid wearing cotton as your first layer, as it tends to get too moist, which will make you cold.

If you’re staying outdoors, dress the part

If you don’t want icy weather to get in the way of your workout, make sure you are dressed properly. The best thing to do is to layer, layer, layer to stay warm and motivated to move.

Even in cold weather, your body produces heat very quickly. However, sweat will begin to cool once you stop exercising. Wearing multiple layers of clothing will help you maintain a comfortable body temperature.

It is best to put on a thin layer of moisture-control fabric that will draw the sweat from your body. On top, add a layer of fleece or wool to help maintain your body heat. Last, don’t forget to top everything off with a weatherproof jacket and accessorize with gloves, earmuffs and sneakers with deep traction to avoid slipping on wet or icy roads.

Brave the cold for a hot bod

Running, no matter the season, provides great benefits such as improved energy levels and a major boost in mood. Gotta love those endorphins! As a bonus, research shows that training in cold weather can actually improve your running time — thanks to the temperature drop, it takes extra energy to keep your body warm. The more energy required to keep your body warm, the more calories you’ll burn.

Used to running on the beach in the warmer months? Give snow hiking a try. Just make sure you have pair of insulated boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Or take advantage of traditional winter sports: snowboarding, downhill skiing and ice-skating are great options to work your glutes, thighs, arms and even your abs. Now get outside and melt those calories away!

woman exercising indoorsTaking your outdoor workouts inside

Waving goodbye to exercising outdoors? Cheer up! The trick is to be creative with the activity of your choice — and you’ve got lots of calorie-torching options. Rock-climbing, racquetball, running, cycling, rowing and swimming all are great indoor activities. Local universities offer many of these recreational activities, which are usually open to the public for a small fee.

You can also release some endorphins with aerobic activities such as dancing or kickboxing to energizing music. Some great cardio workouts you can use this winter include jump rope, cardio kickboxing, dance cardio classes (such as belly dancing or Zumba) and indoor cycling.

Keep pumping iron

Winter is the perfect time of year to put more time and energy into strength training. It’s crucial for your bone health, as well as keeping lean body mass, to keep up a weight routine throughout the winter. You can start to lose muscle mass as quickly as two to three weeks after stopping regular weight lifting workouts. Improving endurance through the season can be achieved by swapping out 15 reps of lighter weights for five to eight reps of heavy weights. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest.

See? The winter doesn’t have to put your fitness on ice until the spring thaw. With these indoor and outdoor workouts, you can stay sizzling all season long.

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