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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends

Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t stress. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends, embracing the people who make you happy.

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Step 1: Ban relationship angst

On Valentine’s Day, call a timeout when it comes to complaining. When you get together with your girls, create a playful consequence for anyone who brings up an ex-boyfriend, a divorce or single-girl woes — for example, the offender must contribute a dollar in a dessert or cocktail fund. Your day should be all about celebrating the potential for future romance and how great it is to have close girlfriends who stick with each other through the tough times. Have fun and be positive. You can complain about love every other day of the year.

Step 2: Get dressed up

Just because you’re not going on a date doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous on Valentine’s Day. Dress so you feel confident and sexy. Go ahead and do your hair and try that new makeup style you’ve been dying to test out. Wear shoes and jewelry that feel flirty. Focus on the fact that you’re a smart, sexy and happy single lady. If dressing up isn’t your thing, don’t let it stress you out. The point is to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and a little fabulous this Valentine’s Day. If that happens to be pajamas, so be it.

Step 3: Schedule an exciting activity

Give yourself something to look forward to by scheduling a great activity or busy day of activities. Get together with your girlfriends ahead of time to plan your Valentine’s Day. Try going out for an evening of fancy food or a fun night of bowling. Or start your evening with pedicures and then hit a dance club and bust a move without worrying about the dating scene. Try something unconventional like a challenging hike or a new yoga class. Ultimately, you want to stay busy and make the most of the time you have to spend with your best friends.

Step 4: Create new traditions

Forget roses and chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, create new traditions with your girlfriends. Take time to toast each other and communicate exactly what makes the women you hold dear your besties. Buy each other over-the-top Valentine’s Day cards and add funny or naughty handwritten notes. Book an afternoon with a boudoir photographer and take sexy photos that make you feel independent and confident as single women. Next Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or not, your happy thoughts will gravitate toward the awesome women in your life.

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