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How to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing like a lovely surprise on Valentine’s Day, especially when it’s truly unexpected. Whether you’re giving him yourself wrapped in a red ribbon or you’ve organized a romantic getaway, learn how to surprise your partner.

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Step 1: Investigate your partner’s schedule

If you want to surprise your partner, you have to do a little private investigation. First of all, find out what he likes. You probably already know what your partner’s into, but if you’re looking for a little inspiration, pay attention to what he does for a few weeks. What does he buy? What does he like to eat? Does he talk about wanting anything? Likewise, investigate his schedule. You need to know when he’ll be home on Valentine’s Day and when he’ll be away while you’re planning and prepping your romantic surprise.

Step 2: Practice your poker face

Not good at keeping a secret? Don’t worry, he probably doesn’t suspect anything and won’t be looking for clues. Your sexy personal grooming or big Valentine’s Day purchase will remain a secret as long as you play it cool. Don’t ask leading questions or make a big deal out of the upcoming holiday. Use your poker face and act totally normal in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Step 3: Enlist help from his friends

The best surprises often take a group effort. Do you need him to come home late on Valentine’s Day? Have a co-worker keep him busy for half an hour at the end of the day. Do you need him delivered to a certain place at a certain time? Ask a family member to help you come up with an excuse. When enlisting help, keep in mind how private your partner is. If he likes to keep his romantic life very personal, don’t get too many people involved in helping with the surprise.

Step 4: Spring the surprise

It’s all about presentation. While you’re alone, get your surprise in order. On Valentine’s Day, you should have all your shopping and prep work done already. Dig the candles and lingerie out of the drawer where you’ve been hiding them. Air out that special outfit for your big night out. As you get ready to surprise him, try to stay calm and relaxed. You don’t want to be jittery when you’re enjoying your Valentine’s Day surprise together.

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