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4 Signs your Prince Charming is a fake

So you met a seemingly great guy who swept you off your feet and wined and dined you to the point where you were sure it was love. But now something just doesn’t feel right.

Worried woman in bed with boyfriend

If that sounds like you, we’re here to help you decide whether your Prince Charming is the real deal — or a fake.

He’s no longer reliable

We understand that everyone makes mistakes, bails on social engagements and says no to plans even though all they’re really doing is staying in with a bowl of popcorn and some great movies. But if your guy is constantly saying yes and then ditching you, showing up late or making you feel like you’re no longer the princess he once treated you like, he might not be worth keeping around.

He hasn’t introduced you to his friends

You don’t need to be immediately absorbed into his circle, and some people are slower to open up their social world to others, but if you have yet to meet even one of his friends after a few months, there might be something strange going on. What is he hiding? Why is he being cagey about his buddies? Give it time, but also be aware that if he’s not letting you get to know the people he’s close to, you could be dealing with someone who isn’t in it for the long haul.

text messageYou always have to call or text him

Sure, guys can be slower to communicate, but if you’re the only one doing any work to keep the two of you together now that he’s wooed you, that’s a red flag worth noting. You don’t want a guy that’s clingy or needy, but you also shouldn’t be the only one putting in the effort to keep in touch. Relationships are a two way street and need a constant balance to really survive.

He hasn’t really opened up

Spending time with someone great can feel like a whirlwind of romance and excitement, but once the courting phase winds down, you want something of substance to retain the relationship. If he hasn’t opened up to you and remains tight-lipped about his life other than the basics, you might be dealing with a dude who has issues. He doesn’t need to wear his heart on his sleeve, but he does need to be capable of creating an emotional connection with people around him.

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