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Are successful women healthier?

Are alpha women, super women, women who seem to have it all together really healthier? Is success really all it is cracked up to be?

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Looking at accomplished women in the world, we often think about success in terms of career. But what about the health of women who seem to have it all? Success often comes with stress, and with stress comes health issues.

Women deal with stress differently than men do

Research shows that women in general tend to suffer more from psychological consequences of stress compared with men, who often show more physical signs of stress. When we are faced with the challenge of balancing work, life and home, there is a certain level of stress that comes with the territory.

Celebrities aren’t reality

Think about female celebrities and how they portray success. Their life seems surreal — and it is. What we often don’t see is the army of nannies, chefs, cleaning services, managers and others who contribute to the success of these women’s careers. The average woman does not have a team of 12 ready to take care of her every need.

So how do we manage the level of stress that comes with success?

Make space for alone time

The most important thing for any successful woman to do to maintain her health is carve out time alone. Allow yourself moments of silence to just to sit and read a book, meditate or breathe! When we spend time alone we are not focused on being anyone except our true selves. Alone time can be five minutes or 15 minutes. Try not to limit yourself.

Have fun!

Successful women go far in their careers because they are motivated and often compare themselves and their work to others. This might be helpful in the board room, but it is certainly not helpful in keeping you healthy. Save the competition for the office and spend time outside of work having fun! Whether it is with your family or friends, make sure to laugh, giggle and have a good time. Laughing and spending time with loved ones is a great way to instantly reduce stress. Less stress can mean fewer health issues.

Set personal goals

Many times women who are career-oriented wait to start a family or settle down in a partnership. This can create stress and affect personal health as well. Just as you may have developed career goals, make 2013 the year that you also focus on your personal goals. By focusing on your personal goals as well as your career goals, you can create more balance between the areas of life that need your time and attention — and with balance comes a healthier you for years to come.

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