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Survey reveals people are looking for holiday love

How to do you feel about holiday romance? A recent survey revealed that the festive season is an ideal time to get a little flirty, and we wanted to delve a little further into these festively frisky results. Are you feeling flirty this Christmas?

Couple flirting during Christmas

Festive flirting survey

The survey, called Festive Flirting, was conducted in late November 2012 by Tagged, a social network for meeting new people. Tagged surveyed its users to find out how they felt about finding love this holiday.

1,400 adults participated nationally and revealed a few interesting opinions about flirting and finding romance during the holiday season. “In the past, singles often found the holidays a very lonely time of year. Now, as sites like Tagged make meeting new people easy, the potential for new friendships, fireside flirting, midnight kisses and other holiday fireworks finds singles from coast to coast more open than ever to connecting with someone new,” says Steve Sarner, VP of Marketing, Tagged.

And the survey says…

We took a look at the results and pulled out some of the most interesting stats below.

  • 60 percent of the respondents said that during the holiday season, they are more likely to flirt casually online, meet new people to have fun or find a relationship.
  • 85 percent said they would ask out a fellow online flirt for a holiday celebration.
  • 68 percent said they would/might hook up or have sex with someone they met online during a winter holiday.
  • Only three percent said they avoid online romance during the holiday season.

What you said

With those results in mind, we thought we might ask around to see if festive flirting is on everyone’s mind this holiday.

“I think the holidays are the perfect time to flirt and try and meet someone. Everyone’s out having a good time and going to parties, so it’s easier to make a connection.” Katherine, Orlando, Florida

“I’m actually normally pretty shy, but the holidays somehow make it OK to flirt, or ask someone out who I might not normally feel brave enough to talk to.” Ceri, Denver, Colorado

“I met my husband at a Christmas party six years ago, so I’m living proof that the holidays are a great time to find romance!” Madeline, San Diego, California

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