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How to get in shape: skull-crushers with pelvic raises

As you’re making your New Year’s resolutions, put a fitness routine and a diet plan in place to help you reach your health goals for the coming year. All you need is a mat and two 5-pound dumbbells.

Woman doing pelvic raise

The pelvic raise/skull-crusher combination is a compound movement great for toning the butt, triceps and chest. This movement also strengthens the back and core muscles, making it a great overall exercise to add to your at-home fitness routine.

Step 1: The skull-crusher

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Pick up your weights and hold them with straight arms above your head. Slowly bring the weights down; make sure your elbows are held in and that you’re bending at the elbow. You should feel the movement work your triceps. Inhale as you bring the weights in toward your head, exhale as you extend your elbows back out.

Step 2: The pelvic raise

Keeping your arms straight above your head, lift up your bottom by pushing through your feet and using your abdominals to stabilize your core. Bring your bottom back down and perform another skull-crusher.

Incorporate three sets of 10 reps to your workout. With regular practice, you’ll reap the benefits with an amazingly fit body.

Happy resolution-making!

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