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How to cure a hangover

Don’t ring in the New Year with a raging headache and a case of the dizzies. Sunglasses and Advil is one way to go, but here are a few other tricks and tips to get over that horrible hangover.

Hungover woman

pillowStep 1: Sleep in

Chances are you’ve been up partying all night, so now your body needs some time to recuperate. If you’re fortunate enough not to work the next day, close all the blinds, turn your phone on silent and sleep it off the old-fashioned way. And once you’ve awakened from your slumber, take a hot bath to soothe your body and sweat out the toxins.

Step 2: Rehydrate yourself

No, not by drinking more liquor. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes your kidneys release more urine than the liquid you’re consuming. To replenish your body, drink plenty of water and drinks rich in minerals. Sports drinks are perfect because they are rich in electrolytes. Another hangover remedy is to drink Pedialyte (yes, the therapeutic hydration drink for children): It’s rich in vital nutrients and minerals that your body is craving. Drink some right before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up.

Step 3: Settle your stomach

If your tummy is doing tumbles the morning after, drop some Alka-Seltzer into that tall glass of water. The baking soda in it neutralizes your stomach acid to help settle it. If that’s not enough, try Bayer’s Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief, which was made for hangovers. These fizzy tablets contain 500 mg of aspirin to ease your aches and pains, and 65 mg for a boost of energy.

pizzaStep 4: Eat greasy food

First things first: Don’t drink on an empty stomach! Have a big slice of pizza or a juicy hamburger and fries before you start tossing back drinks. The grease will coat your stomach and intestines, and your body will absorb alcohol slower. In the morning, grub on a bacon sandwich. Even though the last thing on your mind will be putting anything else into your body after a long night of drinking, research shows that the amino acids in the bacon can help ease the alcohol-induced symptoms. What problems can’t bacon solve?

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