Love dilemma: Why didn’t my relationship survive the holidays?

The holidays can be highly stressful for even the most solid couples, and if your relationship ended up on the rocks at some point during the festive season, you’re likely not alone.

Sad woman after holiday breakup

We have some insight into a few things that may have caused your post-holiday breakup.

It was already on the rocks

Sometimes the holidays are just an extension of an already past-due relationship. It’s not easy breaking up with someone at the best of times, let alone right before Christmas, so if your relationship ended right after the holidays, chances are it was going south anyway. Your partner was likely waiting until after the holidays to soften the blow.

He couldn’t hack the holiday test

The holidays are a chaotic time of year for most people and pressures abound for couples — to find the perfect gift, impress your partner’s parents, go to each other’s office parties — it’s enough to drive even happy couples to distraction. Maybe the pressure was just too much for one or both of you. If he cut and run right after Christmas, the stress of the season and being in a relationship during such a hectic time of year may have been too much for your ex.

It just wasn’t meant to be

As much as you want to believe a fresh relationship will stand the test of time, the fact that you ended up single after the holidays might have nothing to do with the holidays at all and everything to with the fact that the two of you weren’t meant to be. Sad? Yes, but also a harsh reality when it comes to dating. Not everyone you fall for is going to want to work toward a long-term relationship or commit to something serious.

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The holiday sparkle wore off

Despite the aforementioned stress of the season, a certain amount of magic also fills the air and creates an energetic atmosphere that’s just a little different than every other time of year. So if your relationship ramped up just as the holiday season was beginning, some of what you felt may have been enhanced by the festive season itself. Now that the gifts are all open, the Champagne and cocktails are all gone, and the parties have come to an end, reality has set in and the magic may have worn off. If it was only that frenetic, romantic pace of the holidays sustaining you, it’s understandable that the spark has suddenly faded.

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