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Does your relationship need a digital detox?

In the age of constant cell phone use, iPad addiction and basically having some kind of screen strapped to our hands at all hours of the day, keeping a meaningful relationship going can be tough. If you’ve found yourself drifting lately, maybe you need a digital detox. Here are three signs you do.

Woman texting and man on computer

You text more than talk

Texting is a great way to keep in touch and send quick messages (like you’re going to be late or confirming post-work plans), but if you type more than you actually talk, you might need to put the phone down. Live (or even phone) conversations are much more intimate than a few lines of text. Make time to talk at least once a day if you can and if that doesn’t work, even sending longer emails rather than ultra-short texts can help keep you connected. Especially if your relationship is newer, being in closer contact via real live conversations can help keep your bond strong.

You can’t have a tech-free conversation

When you are together, are you also texting your BFF or sending a quick work email? Most of us have a fairly strong attachment to our technology, but if you want your relationship to last, you need to give who you’re with your attention. Making an attempt to listen as he fills you in on his day while simultaneously checking email isn’t romantic, nor is it even respectful. Do your relationship a favor and put your phones away when you’re together.

You stare at screens more than each other

Sitting in the same room with your partner while you both stare at a different screen hardly counts as spending “quality” time together. We understand that everyone has work to do and emails to send, but if your “alone” time is basically together-but-solo web surfing time, it’s time to take a tech-break. Implement one tech-free hour every night where you do something together — go for a walk, go for coffee or have a glass of wine while you catch up on each other’s days.

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