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Free love: No-cost ways to show your guy you care

The holidays are supposed to be all about giving, but what if you don’t have the budget to splash out on expensive gifts?

Woman cooking for man

Rather than dip into your savings, there are lots of ways to show your guy you care that don’t cost a thing. We’re sharing some of our favorites.

Cook him dinner (with stuff you have)

Sometimes cooking dinner can cost as much as going out if you don’t have the ingredients for what you’re making. This time, get creative and make a special meal using whatever you have on hand. Search recipes based on your ingredients until you hit on something you know he’ll love.


Do you have a crafty talent? If so, we say put it to good use when figuring out a way to show you care. If you knit, make him a scarf or hat. If you’re a great photographer, take some shots you know he’ll love and print them out for hanging later. Think about what you have a talent for and use it to your no-cost giving advantage.

Pamper him

A night of pampering is the perfect way to show your love this season and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Forget the spa and create a romantic spa experience at home. Light some candles, turn on some sexy music and give him a massage. He’ll get a relaxing experience from the one he loves and you don’t have to break the bank showing him how much you appreciate him. If he’s feeling generous, maybe he’ll return the favor!

Take him on a no-cost surprise date

Not every day has to cost money. Pack a simple picnic (sandwiches, drinks) and hit the town. Go for a hike if he’s an outdoorsy dude, head to any free galleries or museums if he loves culture or just wander through some neighborhoods you’ve never been to for a close-to-home adventure. If you want to go further, take a driving trip to a town you’ve never seen and do some exploring.

Make some love coupons

This one might sound cheesy, but we’re still big fans of the classic no-cost gift for loved ones. Grab some cardstock (or a blank notebook) and write up some cute (or sexy) IOUs for your guy. They could be as simple as: one free car wash, one night of watching sports or more elaborate: one romantic dinner for two prepared by you or a night of playing video games. Just get creative and wrap the whole set of coupons in pretty ribbon before gifting.

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