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Packing in a piece of “You” for your destination wedding

Envision your wedding on an exotic island of Thailand, the beautiful beaches of Hawaii or on the mountaintops of New Zealand. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular and are among the most romantic kinds of weddings. However, no matter how romantic and breathtaking they may be, incorporating a piece of “you” into your destination wedding may be tricky. Here’s how to get it done.

Just married couple kissing in Paris

Sentimental location

First things first, whether you are traveling to a tropical island, planning a European wedding or even just traveling across the United States for your special day, the most important step of making your destination wedding more “you” is simply by traveling to a place that you hold close to your heart. Did you meet in London? Did he propose in Paris? Switzerland? Are you both of Italian heritage and love food? Go back to that special place or celebrate somewhere that is representative of you and your relationship.

Research for your benefit

Even if you have never traveled outside of the country, choose somewhere that you have always dreamed of going. Wherever you choose, you must take a trip there to check out the venue options as well as restaurant options for your rehearsal dinner. Don’t trust a wedding planner to do this part of the planning. What may be amazing for one person may not be ideal for your magical day. It’s important to add your own style to your wedding, especially if it is a destination wedding. Do some research of your own to make your day more memorable and more “you.”

Food for thought

Choosing to use a wedding planner may be in your best interest if you are unfamiliar with the destination. It will only be harder for you to make your wedding day special if you are unfamiliar with local vendors and caterers. In terms of the food and catering, be sure to ask for sample menus. If you plan to have your wedding, for instance, in Thailand, not everyone may like the food culturally known to that area. Select a menu that caters to everyone. Choose a few local dishes but also incorporate a few of your favorite foods into the menu.

Embrace the culture

Embrace the local culture while still reflecting your personal style. When choosing flowers, make sure you go to a few different florists. Just because the venue offers a florist doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. The setting you choose should be representative of the local culture as well. If you get married in Hawaii, for example, have hula dancers at your wedding. If you’re getting married in Scotland, have bagpipe players entertain your guests. Why have a destination wedding if you’re not going to incorporate the culture of the destination you choose? That’s what a destination wedding is all about!

Music for all

Definitely incorporate local music into your wedding entertainment, but bring some flavor from back home, too. Ask the venue for a few samples of local music and production, but also make a list of some songs you would like to be played. It’s always good to have music playing that you and your guests know and like while still embracing the local culture.

Be accommodating

Last, but not least, friends and family are the most important people in life. Make sure those you care about most are able to attend your wedding. For some, destination weddings may be too expensive for people to make the trip. If having tons of friends and family at your wedding is important to you, maybe opt to travel within the country to make it a little easier for your guests to attend. After all, what could make your wedding day more special than having the friends and family you love celebrating with you?

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