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Make cleaning sexy again: Outfits that he’ll love

Here’s one chore that doesn’t have to be boring — cleaning will snazz up your home, for sure, but with the right tools, the process can be sexy (and a great gift idea!) as well!

Sexy MaidDress the part

Whether it’s the sexy maid (a timeless sexy cleaning icon that will get you off the hook for any non-dainty cleaning), Pippi Longstocking (this girl invented a song about how much she loves cleaning day and patented the “skate around on brushes” technique) or Cinderella (I know it’s not just me — the scene where Cinderella is scrubbing the stairs and singing into bubbles definitely makes scrubbing look fun!) — dressing the part can make cleaning way more fun! Available at

Added benefit? You may just not have to clean if you get creative enough. Take it from our costume parties of times past — French maid costumes are great to have on call to spice up weekend chores. Turn chores into a play date!

Realize that leaving something to the imagination is an important part of dressing sexy. Don’t go overboard with revealing yourself. Don’t try too hard. It needs to appear natural and yet still make it clear that you take time to care about your appearance. There’s a thin line between sexy and oversexed — but if you play it right, you may end up having to do no actual cleaning at all!

Sexy Pink Sprinkles Women's Apron

Keep it simple

If you want to ease into the the sexy outfits — a great gift idea for the domestic diva in your life is a spicy apron! Check out this super-cute Sexy Pink Sprinkles apron from! Want to make it extra special? Suggest that the giftee wear it with nothing under. (Or wear it yourself as a holiday dinner gift your beloved is sure to appreciate!)

French Maid Costume from Frederick's of Hollywood

Sex things up

Of course, you can throw caution out the window entirely — go with lingerie and dust your way through the holiday with this French maid costume from Frederick’s of Hollywood! Remember — today’s peacock? It’s tomorrow’s feather duster!

That was neither here nor there. But happy holidays — and happy cleaning!

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