Gift guide for high-tech fitness

Why not mix fitness with technology? It can only enhance a workout! If you’re looking for gifts for the fitness lover in your life who is also is enamored with technology, this gift guide will get you where you need to be.



The Gripster is an iPad case with a patented Smart Handle with 360-degree rotation, allowing for multiple viewing angles. This would be perfect for someone following a yoga video at home. The Gripster from Native Union comes in a variety of colors and allows the at-home fitness buff the ease of flowing into poses, all while keeping an eye on the video. (Amazon, $20)

Edge 510

You don’t want your loved ones out simply spinning their wheels, do you? The Edge 510 is the most current GPS-enabled bike computer in the Edge family that tracks time, distance, speed, location and calories burned. It comes with a bike mount and is easy to use. It’s great product for training or everyday rides. Cyclists can even challenge times on previous rides using the Courses feature. (Amazon, $330)

nPower PEG

nPower PEG

Work it to work it! The nPower PEG is the world’s first human-powered charger for hand-held electronics. You’re the generator — just store the 14-ounce nPower PEG in your backpack, briefcase or purse while you bike, walk or run during the course of your day. The kinetic energy you expend is stored for later, when you need it. When your device needs a charge, plug it into your PEG and press the button. (Amazon, $160)

Women’s Orbit freeze jacket

Orbit freeze jacket

This jacket is not only great to look at, but it’s great to wear in cold temps. The Orbit Freeze Jacket is made using omni-heat thermal reflective technology that helps regulate your temperature by reflecting and retaining the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat to keep you comfy. A flattering fit that comes in five colors and provides a bunch of comfort.(Amazon, $125)

YogaPaws elite full set

YogaPaws elite full set

Get a grip, no matter where you feel like doing yoga — on the top of a mountain, at the airport or in the park — no mat required. Described as “the yoga mat you wear,” use YogaPaws on your hands or feet to keep you secure on any surface. Made with a yoga towel liner that absorbs seven times its weight in moisture, you’ll be sticking around no matter how sweaty or wet things get. The elite full set is made with ultra-durable, ultra non-slip natural rubber and includes two YogaPaws for your hands and two for your feet. (Amazon, $40)

Fitbit One activity tracker

Need help eating right, sleeping well and staying active? If so, Fitbit One is the tech product for you. This mini, multi-talented tracker is a pedometer, silent alarm, and personalized, electronic fitness journal. Sync the Fitbit One to any device and log your workouts and food intake. With the Fitbit dashboard (also available as an app), you can see graphs and tools created to track your fitness levels. The Fitbit One also monitors your sleep cycle and measures your quality of sleep. This discrete tool, which comes in burgundy and black, can help improve your overall health. (Amazon, $100)

Wi-Fi body scale

Wi-Fi body scale

This is one way to keep you honest — the Wi-Fi Body Scale from Withings. Not only is this a digital scale, but it measures the weight, fat mass and BMI of up to eight users. And it has the capability to share your information via a wireless connection so you can send it to your iPhone, Android, your web page or even Twitter!  (Amazon, $160)

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Watch

Keep track of how hard you workout with the ideal heart rate monitor. Polar’s FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a versatile gismo that can do it all, and best of all, it is for women and men. This innovative watch can calculate the amount of calories burned, display real-time information during workout, and act as a regular watch when your not working out! It also has a two-year, manufacturer warranty. ,(Amazon $77)

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